‘Married At First Sight:’ Sheila Cries Foul Over Depiction On ‘MAFS’, Rachel DeAlto Backs Her Up

The recently aired episode of Married at First Sight depicted Sheila and Nate’s most intense fight to date. The fight was so bad that Sheila even called her husband the “B-word,” much to the shock of viewers. By the end of the couple’s segment on the hit reality TV show, Sheila stated on camera that she was done with Nate and that she was ending the marriage. Needless to say, many immediately expressed their disdain at Sheila, with many accusing her of blowing things out of proportion and acting downright crazy.

While the couple’s segment made for some great reality TV, however, Sheila stated on her Twitter account that the fight was edited in a rather unfair manner. According to the reality TV star, she was wrong in disrespecting her husband by calling him names, but she was also disappointed in the producers of Married at First Sight for editing out Nate’s part of the argument.

If the couple’s segment on the recently aired segment was any indication, it definitely appears that Nate did say some hurtful things to his wife, which prompted her hurtful responses. Nate’s arguments were never aired in the recent episode, however.

“Calling @Nate_MAFS out of his name is disrespectful (thank God he forgave me), but they edited out what he said? #villain”

“I own my actions, but two people had a terrible argument and two people said terrible things – but they only show one person’s comment?”

If Sheila was right and the episode was really edited to paint her in a negative light, then it is safe to assume that the producers’ strategy definitely worked. In the Married at First Sight subreddit alone, many viewers and avid fans of the show quickly remarked that the reality TV star seemed almost unhinged during the episode, escalating problems that could have easily been solved through a rational conversation.

Even on Twitter, Sheila’s non-MAFS handle was filled with messages bashing her for her actions on the show. Many users on the microblogging platform even went so far as to say that the reality TV star has been acting crazy practically all the time. These criticisms were so prominent that Rachel DeAlto, one of the experts in Married at First Sight, had to step in and explain that Sheila and Nate’s relationship during filming was not as volatile as the recent MAFS episodes have suggested.

“Nowhere near all the time. These are snippets in time on a TV show.”

Overall, Sheila handled all the criticisms thrown her way pretty well. For one, she admitted to her faults, stating that she was wrong in the argument that was featured in the episode. Apart from this, Sheila also assured her social media followers and fans that while the recently aired fight between her and Nate was a low point in their relationship, both of them have moved on from the incident, and both of them have grown because of it.

Married at First Sight Season 5 airs every Thursday night on Lifetime.

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