Is Javi Marroquin’s Girlfriend Lauren Comeau Filming ‘Teen Mom 2’?

It’s long been confirmed that Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry’s ex-husband, Javi Marroquin, has a new girlfriend. But is Lauren Comeau filming TM2 at any point in the near future? You’ll just have to ask Javi, who opened up in a new interview about whether his new flame will be joining the popular reality show’s cast or not.

With Teen Mom 2 Season 8 set to premiere next week, Marroquin has been busy on social media, sharing sweet photos of himself with Lauren Comeau on Instagram, as the Inquisitr had previously reported. That’s led to some fans wondering if Javi Marroquin’s new girlfriend will be part of the TM2 cast, just as Javi has since the start of his romance with Kailyn Lowry, whom he married in 2012 and divorced in 2016.

Speaking to Radar Online, Javi said that Lauren hasn’t been filming Teen Mom 2 Season 8, and that they have no plans to do so in the immediate foreseeable future, on account of their desire to remain as private as possible.

“Lauren has not filmed. We talked about it and right now we like our privacy and like to be able to show Instagram what we want.”

Interestingly, Javi Marroquin added that he doesn’t want his girlfriend on TM2 for another reason – he’s reportedly afraid that showcasing his new relationship on camera may ultimately “ruin” it.

Sometimes I wish I can go back in life, not to change sh** just to feel a couple things twice

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Aside from posting photos of his new lady love, Marroquin has recently posted multiple photos of his son with Kailyn Lowry, three-year-old Lincoln, including one he shared last night, where he admits to missing the “crazy kid” he had with his ex-wife. Javi added that he’s been spending a lot of time in July working out of town, and at this point, he’s “definitely ready to put some things behind the other.”

Javi also hinted that he wants to take Lincoln to an unspecified Disney location now that his schedule appears to be more sorted out now, though it’s not clear yet whether this will serve as the young boy’s introduction to his father’s new partner. As Javi said last week, he has yet to introduce Lauren and Lincoln to each other, but he’s hoping to do this “soon.”

Once again, Javi Marroquin’s new girlfriend might not be on Teen Mom 2 Season 8 due to the couple wanting to cherish their privacy. But he’s expected to be featured alongside his ex-wife Kailyn Lowry, as well as the rest of the TM2 women and the men in their lives, when the show’s new season kicks off on Monday, July 17.

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