Unusual Christmas Gifts That Will Create Big Smiles When Opened

Christmas is right around the corner and millions of shoppers are still searching for just the right gift for the hard-to-buy-for or eclectic loved one on the holiday list. Skip the mundane stores at the local shopping mall and go online to find some Hipster-approved and bizarre oddities sure to cause a smile when unwrapped at the office party of family gathering.

Ear hats are not all the rage yet, but they could be and now you have a chance to get in on the trend early. The little toboggans do exactly what the name implies, they are hats for the top of your ears. The little fabric ear muffs are perfect for hot tub parties on chilly evenings. The Hipstormossan Ear caps are appear to be made for a doll’s head, but will protect adult-size human ears from frostbite, according to Trend Hunter.

Star Wars fans on the Christmas shopping list might adore one of the new Chewbacca coats. The warm and fuzzy outerwear offerings could even double for a Halloween costume next year. The Chewbacca coat comes complete with the ammo-looking strap which is worm by the popular Star Wars character in all of the hit movies.

Searching for the perfect gift for the avid hunter or outdoor adventurer on your holiday shopping list? The camping couch, solar powered charger, and the camo diaper bag for guys are excellent options. The Eastpak Sofa doubles as both an enormous piece of luggage and a comfy seating. The sofa has a multitude of zipper storage pouches to hold all of your small and medium items, Bless This Stuff notes.