Justice League Movie Plot Revealed?

It’s no secret that with the success of Marvel Studios’The Avengers that DC is planning its own Justice League movie. What has been kept a secret until now is the plot.

According to sources at cinemablend.com and Latino Review the storyline features a bad guy named Darkseid trying to destroy Earth and replace it with Apokolips, the planet he rules. Screenwriter Will Beall is taking inspiration for the film straight from the comics.

Latino Review, citing sources, quote:

“…hot screenwriter Will Beale who got the writing gig for 2015′s Justice League movie, is getting his inspiration from Gerry Conway’s “Justice League of America 183-185.”

While the name Darkseid may be unfamiliar to non-comic fans, he is a major villain in the DC universe who sees any person or being with extreme power as a threat.

If this is indeed the plot for DC’s Justice League movie then it would seem to legitimize a rumor reported earlier this month by cinema blend.com that Darkseid would be the villain.

But will this be the plot of the Justice League feature film? The answer is no one really knows. Studios love to keep plots for their tentpole pictures tightly under wraps, and a project that is going to generate the amount of buzz a Justice League movie will is no exception.

For now any information should be considered rumor. All that is officially known about the Justice League movie is that it has a screenwriter and a 2015 release date where it will compete with The Avengers 2.