Fireworks Funerals For Pets Are Popular New Trend With Animal Lovers

Fireworks funerals for pets are reportedly all the rage in Australia. Ashes to Ashes is a service operated by pyrotechnician and circus performer Craig Hull. The “going out with a bang” memorial service for pets allows mourning owners to send the ashes of their beloved animal family members into the air and then ultimately land in the waters of Sydney Harbor.

Craig Hull first thought of the idea three years ago when his beloved pooch Zeus passed away. The loss of the German shepherd-Akita cross and Gyprock left such a massive void in Hull’s life that he felt only a significant memorial gesture would suffice, according to Oddity Central.

The circus performer had already helped scatter the ashes in an aerial display during one of the Olympics so he was familiar with the concept of a spectacular and vibrant send-off. Hull had this to say about his Ashes to Ashes fireworks funeral for pets idea:

“I thought, I’ll get a job as a pyrotechnician and I’ll send them up in fireworks. So I did. To be able to scatter someone’s ashes like that, scatter them over a huge area in the air was incredible. To be able to look up to the heavens when you send your loved ones off is a pretty amazing feeling. And I thought this is so amazing, other people should be able to experience this as well.”

On New Year’s Eve in Sydney in 2010 the dog lover got the chance to give Zeus a gloriously colorful and loud funeral service. Craig Hull’s Ashes to Ashes service includes catering, a bar, and a music soundtrack. The typical cost of a fireworks pet funeral is approximately $990.