‘Big Brother 19’ Speculation: Is The Show Rigged So Paul Abrahamian Can Win?

This season on Big Brother 19 Paul Abrahamian is back once again. A lot of the fans are happy to see him back, but others aren’t really feeling it. Celeb Dirty Laundry revealed that there is a lot of speculation that the show could be rigged this season so that Paul Abrahamian can win. Last season, Paul wasn’t a fan favorite, but that seems to have changed this time around.

When Paul first joined the house, he got a temptation that if he took it that would keep him safe for three weeks. This was a great start to Paul staying in the game because right away he was safe for longer than anyone else. During the last POV competition, Paul was able to win, but only by a few seconds. Some fans went to social networks saying they were upset and feel like this could have been rigged. The way that it went down, it was hard for the fans to see if Paul really did better by a few seconds or not.

Raven Walton did admit that she knew Paul before joining the show. A picture of these two was leaked online, but it appears that they just met at a fan meet and great event and don’t know each other very well. Paul simply said he met her and chatted for a few seconds.


Another thing that fans are curious about is the fact that Christmas is getting to stay in the house after she had an injury and even had to have surgery. She seems to have Paul’s back, which has the fans thinking that maybe they wanted to keep her around so she can help Paul make it further in the Big Brother house. There is a lot of speculation going on, but right now nobody has any proof that the show is rigged to help Paul win. As the season goes on, people are going to start to think it more if he continues to do well.


Do you believe the accusations that Big Brother 19 is rigged so Paul Abrahamian can win this season? Do you think that Paul could win it all? Sound off in the comments section below, and don’t miss new episodes of Big Brother 19 on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday nights on CBS.

[Featured Image by Matthew Eisman/Getty Images]