‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Who Won HOH Competition Tonight (July 13 Endurance Challenge)?

Big Brother 19 spoilers from Thursday will focus mostly on who won the HOH Competition tonight. Following the July 13 episode on CBS, the remaining houseguests will take part in an endurance challenge to decide who becomes the next Head of Household. Playing out on the CBS live feeds, this will give subscribers an opportunity to take a front row seat and cheer on their favorite players from this summer.

This report by the Inquisitr will present live updates from the endurance competition, providing a record of who is succeeding in the challenge as the night progresses. It all begins at roughly 7 p.m. PT/10 p.m. ET, following the Week 2 Eviction Ceremony in the BB19 house. As previously reported by the Inquisitr in Big Brother 19 spoilers from Tuesday (July 11), Cody Nickson is about to get sent packing in an 8-1-1 vote. Alex Ow and Ramses Soto are also expected to pick up individual votes in the “live” episode.

There is a lot on the line Thursday night, as the power in the house is about to go to a new person. The first two HOH winners cannot compete, with Paul Abrahamian having to sit out a week and Cody Nickson about to get evicted. That will put someone with new ideas in charge of the game, with the potential that things could really get shaken up.

The July 13 HOH Competition is one of the main reasons why so many fans enjoy subscribing to the CBS live feeds. Online viewers will get to watch as everything plays out during what could be a long endurance challenge. While there is a lot of excitement for online viewers, there is an equal level of frustration for CBS viewers who will just want to know who won the July 13 HOH Competition as soon as possible. Fear not, as this article will give live updates as it progresses.

There are some additional Big Brother 19 spoilers that came out of the house on Wednesday (July 12), as Raven Walton was injured when she fell down the stairs. She had to exit the game to get examined by a doctor and received stitches on her foot. That could make it tough for Raven and Christmas Abbott, who is also recovering from foot surgery. A previous report by the Inquisitr covers those BB19 house events.

Strap in, fans of the show, because everyone is now just hours from finding out who won the endurance challenge. Make sure to check in here for updates as it all plays out live. These new Big Brother 19 spoilers could shake up the whole season.

*Updated 8:32 p.m. PT / 11:32 p.m. ET

The competition is called “Space Cadets” and the houseguests are all perched on the side of a moving wall with a small platform to stand on. They will likely be up there for a while as it plays out live.

Everyone still appears very comfortable on the wall and there is a lot of joking taking place in the post-Cody era. The water has now been turned on, drenching all of the participants and quieting the chatter, but they are all still hanging tough.

Josh Martinez is down first, falling quite soon after the water got turned on. Josh is now chatting about the game with Paul, who has to sit this one out as the outgoing Head of Household.

Mark Jansen was the second one out, lasting only roughly five or six more minutes than Josh did. Now he is whispering a lot with Paul on the sidelines.

The houseguests are getting very wet on the wall, with Jason Dent, Raven Walton, and Elena Davies starting to look like they are getting tired (at about 40 minutes into the competition).

Raven Walton fell off the wall third, roughly 45 minutes into the competition.

Ramses Soto, Jessica Graf, Jason Dent, Dominique Cooper, Matt Clines, Kevin Schlehuber, Alex Ow, and Elena Davies are the final eight houseguests left alive in the July 13 Big Brother 19 HOH Competition at about the 50-minute mark.

Ramses Soto was the fourth houseguest to fall, coming off the wall as it tilted further forward about an hour into the competition.

Kevin Schlehuber was the fifth one out, falling pretty soon after Ramses was off the “Space Wall.”

Matt Clines fell sixth. Matt, Mark, and Paul were having some intense discussions on the sidelines. Likely with some worry about the people who were left competing for the Week 3 Head of Household. They were Jessica Graf, Jason Dent, Dominique Cooper, Alex Ow, and Elena Davies.

Jessica Graf and Dominique Cooper fell at the same time, roughly 80 minutes into the challenge. That left just Jason, Alex, and Elena playing for the latest BB19 Head of Household room. It was about this time when they started discussing possible deals. Possibly presenting some potential Big Brother 19 spoilers that will be important later.

Jason Dent dropped off the wall at about the 100-minute mark after Alex Ow and Elena Davies promised him safety for the week.

Elena Davies then also dropped off after Alex promised her safety. That means that Alex Ow is the Week 3 HOH, giving her the power to nominate two people for eviction.

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