Samuel Scott Dillard Latest Pics: Jill Duggar And Derick Dillard Show Off Newborn

Responding to anxious Duggar fans, the Dillard family has finally shared more pics of Samuel Scott Dillard. Silence about Jill Duggar and her newborn had some fans fearing the worst.

Jill gave birth through C-section after a failed labor that lasted 40 hours. Fans were informed about Samuel Scott’s arrival and Jill’s struggle on the Dillard family website hours after the birth on Saturday. Since then, the Duggars and the Dillards have remained mum about the baby and the mother. Anxious fans suspected that complications during the birth could have affected Jill Duggar’s health even as they criticized her family for putting her through labor. That aside, the first image of Samuel Scott that was shared by Derick Dillard did not do much to ease fans.

The image showed the newborn attached to support systems in the hospital, raising more concerns. Although having a healthy weight at birth, the baby’s image prompted many fans to ask if the labor had taken a toll on his health. While all members of the Duggar clan took to social media to congratulate Jill and Derick, no information was provided about the newborn’s condition. Adding to the concern was the memory of the couple’s video introducing Israel soon after his birth two years ago; it seemed unsettling that this time around, they had just shared one image of their newborn in a neonatal ICU.

In the new images the couple shared on Thursday, the stress of the procedure is clearly visible on Jill Duggar, but it seems the Counting On star is recovering well. As for Samuel Scott, his images have triggered discussions about resemblances. While some fans remarked about similarities the newborn shares with his older brother, Israel, others said he looks a Duggar. The images also show that baby Samuel is recovering from the ordeal of his birth.


Jill Duggar’s pregnancy was featured this season on Counting On. Before a gender-reveal game that was featured on the show, Jill and Derick went through a phase of anxiety, as a doctor’s visit raised some red flags about her health; there were concerns she could be suffering from a blood circulation problem. However, that was ruled out and fans got to see the younger Duggars engage in the game before they could discover Jill was going to give birth to a boy. The couple has said they would return to Central America after the birth to resume their missionary work.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]