‘One Piece’ Chapter 873: Will Big Mom Go On Another Rampage?

In the coming Chapter 873 of Eiichiro Oda’s hit manga series One Piece, the Straw Hat Pirates will be on their way out of Big Mom’s territory. While the Yonko’s crew initially made plans to pursue both the escaping Straw Hat and the Fire Tank Pirates, they may have a bigger, deadlier problem to deal with back in Sweet City: an out-of-control Yonko who can only be appeased by the non-existent wedding cake.

Streusen Saves Wedding Guests and the Entire Sweet City

One Piece Chapter 872, which is already available on a number of online sites such as Manga Stream, finally showed the aftermath of the Tamatebako’s powerful explosion. In the previous chapter, the treasure chest was opened when it fell at the base of Big Mom’s castle, triggering the explosives inside it.

For such a small box, it packed quite a punch. The force of the blast was so powerful that it even managed to topple Whole Cake Chateau. While the Yonko might survive the fall, most of Big Mom’s pirate crew and the wedding guests would have plunged to their deaths. The castle toppling over would have also meant certain death for the inhabitants of Sweet City, which is located directly below the gigantic chateau.

Fortunately for the Big Mom Pirates, the Yonko’s head chef Streusen has the perfect Devil Fruit ability to keep everyone from getting killed by the Chateau’s collapse. Using his ability, he transformed the entire Whole Cake Chateau into a real sponge cake with whipped cream. Thus, the falling castle did not harm the residents of Sweet City and also acted as the perfect cushion for all the wedding guests.

Alliance Escapes

As previously predicted by the Inquisitr, the Tamatebako was finally utilized by the Alliance in their escape in One Piece Chapter 872. With the chaos caused by the Chateau’s collapse, it was easy for Caesar Clown to fly Capone Bege out of Sweet City.

Although Capone failed at assassinating the Yonko, he was thankful enough for having successfully escaped Big Mom’s castle. Thus, he bade farewell to the Straw Hats, transforming himself into his Castle Tank form before speeding off with the rest of the Fire Tank crew.

Meanwhile, Katakuri correctly deduced that Bege and Luffy are likely to part ways and escape Big Mom’s territory separately. Taking that into account, he ordered the formation of two teams to hunt the two groups. However, it looks like none of the Big Mom Pirates crew will be searching for the Straw Hats anytime soon, as they will be facing an even bigger problem next chapter.

Will Big Mom Go On A Rampage?

It looks like Big Mom is already primed for another one of those uncontrollable and deadly rampages in the coming One Piece Chapter 873. The last time she almost lost her cool due to an intense craving for a particular food, Jinbe was able to stop her by giving her some croquembouche.

This time, however, it may not be so easy to appease her. The Yonko is craving for the delicious wedding cake but that cake was already destroyed during the Alliance’s attempt to assassinate Linlin. Manga fans already know how dangerous Big Mom could be if she does not get the exact food she wants. Will she make a repeat of the Mother Caramel incident and unknowingly destroy everything, including the lives dearest to her?

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