‘One Piece’ Chapter 872: Alliance Escapes While Big Mom’s Forces Thrown Into Chaos, Germa 66 Clone Army Arrive

One Piece Chapter 872 is expected to reveal the devastation caused by the unexpected explosion that caused Big Mom’s castle to collapse. In the ensuing confusion, Luffy and the rest of the alliance will grab the chance to escape. Another possibility is that the Germa 66’s clone army will finally be alerted and will battle Big Mom’s forces.

Tamatebako Makes A Comeback

One Piece Chapter 871 already arrived and may be read online via MangaStream. The recent installment is an action-packed chapter as it follows the Alliance’s final attempt at escaping Big Mom’s castle. In addition, it also confirmed a One Piece theory that has been speculated upon in previous articles by the Inquisitr – that the Tamatebako would be somehow featured as a means of escape.

There were previous One Piece manga speculations saying that the treasure box was already out of the equation after it was seen flying away from Du Feld’s hands when Big Mom screamed. However, the recent chapter revealed that it just landed on the edge of one of the castle’s lower platforms. When Stussy pushed Du Feld off the castle, he was briefly reunited with the highly-coveted treasure box as he landed right beside the Tamatebako.

Unfortunately for Du Feld, he did not live long enough to celebrate finding the treasure again. Stussy, who is known by her alias as the Queen of the Pleasure Quarter, is actually also a CP-O agent and wanted the Tamatebako to be in the possession of the World Government. Thus, she promptly killed Du Feld using Flying Shigan, a type of finger pistol technique.

However, Du Feld’s lifeless body pushed the Tamatebako over the edge that it fell the second time, landing at the base of Big Mom’s castle. This time, however, the chest was opened by the fall. Thus, the explosives inside were triggered, creating a powerful shock wave that caused the whole castle to collapse. The coming One Piece Chapter 872 is expected to reveal what happened to everyone after that huge explosion.

Luffy’s Gear 4 Vs. Big Mom

For Luffy and the rest of the Alliance, the Tamatebako’s explosion could not have been more well-timed and could prove to be their salvation in the coming One Piece Chapter 872. The escape plan hastily concocted by Capone Bege was not exactly going smoothly. With Big Mom’s numerous strong fighters determined to block the Alliance’s escape, Caesar Clown ran into a series of obstacles that hindered their progress.

First, Perospero created a Candy Wall that blocked Caesar’s path. Fortunately, Sanji’s siblings attacked the wall, allowing him to pass through. Just as the escape party was about the reach the castle’s wall, they were blocked by Katakuri. Again, the Vinsmokes attacked the Yonko’s son distracting him while Caesar went past him. And finally, they ran into an obstacle they just can’t shake off. Caesar was momentarily confused when he ran into what seemed to be his own reflection. Later on, the mirage changed form into that of Brulee, who was understandably not very happy considering what they forced him to do.

Meanwhile, fans were both happy and a bit disappointed when Luffy finally used a Gear 4 attack in an attempt to take down Big Mom. However, it did not even scratch the Yonko, leaving a lot of fans grumbling in this One Piece forum in Mangahelpers. Judge Vinsmoke did not fare any better and the chapter ended with Luffy and the Vinsmokes all taken down while Big Mom announced their execution. Thankfully, that was when the Tamatebako exploded.

Will The Germa 66 Clone Army Join The Fray?

Now, fans are definitely worked up to see the aftermath of the explosion in the coming One Piece Chapter 872. One possibility is that the Vinsmokes’ clone army will be finally alerted and will fight Big Mom’s forces to save their masters. In the ensuing confusion that is sure to follow, Luffy and the Alliance might just have a chance to get out of Big Mom’s territory after all.

One Piece 872 will be released sometime next week. Stay tuned for updates.

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