‘One Piece’ Chapter 871: Luffy, Sanji & Germa 66 Vs Big Mom, Will The Alliance Make It Out Alive?

One Piece Chapter 871 of the hit manga series by Eiichiro Oda is excepted to be an action-packed installment and will finally feature the Alliance, along with the Vinsmokes, fight back in order to escape. With the Big Mom assassination plot a total failure and their temporary refuge, Bege’s Big Father, about to crumble down, the Alliance had no choice but to improvise or face total annihilation.

The previous One Piece Chapter 870, which is already available for reading online on a number of sites such as Manga Stream, revealed how the Alliance, along with the Vinsmoke family, plan on escaping Big Mom’s castle. Capone Bege admits that time is running out for them. His walking castle form, the Big Father, simply can’t take any more damage from Big Mom’s brutal attack.

A New Escape Plan

As expected, Luffy just wanted to go outside and beat them all up. Thankfully, cooler and saner heads prevailed, at least initially. Nami reminded him that their main mission is to rescue Sanji and save the Vinsmokes from being massacred by Big Mom’s henchmen. With his wife, son, and subordinates’ lives on the line, Capone Bege quickly formulated an escape plan that the Alliance will try to put into motion in the coming One Piece Chapter 871.

And it involves a still unwilling Caesar Clown who had to grudgingly go along with the plan since Bege still has his heart. Basically, it will only expose Bege and Caesar to Big Mom and her forces. Bege, with the rest of the Alliance still in that special room inside his body, will revert back to his normal human form while Caesar Clown will attempt to fly them out of the Yonko’s castle in One Piece 871.

The Vinsmokes

Surprisingly, Judge Vinsmoke offered to protect the Alliance while they carry out their escape maneuver. This proves correct a One Piece speculation in a previous Inquisitr article saying that Sanji’s family will prove useful in the Alliance’s escape from Big Mom’s territory. Of course, it is also one of the wishes of most fans to see how the Germa 66’s weapons technology would stack up against Big Mom’s horde of Devil Fruit users.

While Luffy initially agreed to just go with Capone Bege’s escape plan, both he and Sanji came out of Bege’s body to help out the rest of Sanji’s family keep Big Mom and her troops busy while Caesar Clown floats Bege to safety outside the Yonko’s castle. Of course, everything hinges on how well the Germa 66, Sanji, and Luffy hold their ground while the plan is still being put into effect.

An Attack That Can Hurt Big Mom?

While they may be able to put up a decent fight against the Yonko’s subordinates, something has to be done about the threat posed by the invulnerable Big Mom herself. Simply put, the team is at a disadvantage if they don’t possess an attack powerful enough to hurt her.

Will Judge Vinsmoke reveal a technology that may be effective even for the Yonko in One Piece Chapter 871? This isn’t such a far-fetched idea given that Sanji’s father is one of the top scientists in the world. The fame of his clone army is proof of that.

Of course, there is always that possibility that Luffy will just level up to meet the power of Big Mom. While Luffy developing the next tier attack is definitely a possibility, fans are not too sure that it will happen just yet. One Piece Chapter 871 arrives next week. Stay tuned.

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