‘Glitch’ Season 2 News: Fans In Australia Will Be Able To View Episodes 1 And 2 Early

For those of you who have been binge-watching Glitch on Netflix and are wondering when Season 2 will air, the news has still not been announced. However, for those of you who live in Australia, there is an opportunity to view the first two episodes of Season 2 if they attend the Melbourne International Film Festival on August 18.

According to the official Facebook page for Glitch, fans can not only check out the first two episodes of Season 2, but, if they choose to stay after these episodes air, they can also participate in a Q&A with the show’s creators.

Filming wrapped for Season 2 of Glitch back in March. However, it wasn’t until July 7 when it was announced that final production was coming to a close.

It is unclear yet what Episode 1 of Glitch Season 2 will be titled, although we do know that Emma Freeman directed it. A previously released image of the Season 2 scripts showed that Episode 2 of Glitch is called “Two Truths.” This episode was written by Louise Fox.

And for those of you who might be concerned Netflix won’t get Season 2 of Glitch straight away, the official Twitter account for Glitch confirmed the series would be coming to Netflix ” very soon.”


The synopsis for Season 2 of ABC TV and Netflix’s Glitch is below.

“As the risen continue to unravel the mystery and answer the questions of how and why they are back, their journey of reconciliation and revenge is soon disrupted by a new lethal threat.”

[Image by ABC TV]

Earlier in the year, the ABC head of scripted production, Sally Riley, felt “Glitch really broke the mold for ABC drama.”

She then went on to further explain in the statement that they felt Season 2 would “shock” the fans as well as “thrill” them.

“In 2017 we are going to shock, surprise and thrill fans, both returning and new, with what we have in store for Season 2.”

This was a good indicator that Season 2 of Glitch would air sometime this year. However, so far, there has been no news in relation to a premiere date. Considering production has just wound up, and, with the announcement Episode 1 and 2 will air during the Melbourne International Film Festival in August, it is possible an announcement could be made during that event in regard to the Season 2 premiere of Glitch.

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[Image by ABC TV]

The early screening of Episodes 1 and 2 of Glitch will commence at 6.30 p.m. (local time) on Friday, August 18, at Hoyts Melbourne Central Cinema 10. Ticket costs are dependent on which member access you have for the Melbourne International Film Festival. Membership starts from AUD15.50. This event does have wheelchair access, but bookings must be made prior to the event.

Glitch stars Patrick Brammall, Rodger Corser, Emma Booth, Emily Barclay, Genevieve O’Reilly, Andrew McFarlane, Daniela Farinacci, Sean Keenan, and Ned Dennehy. Glitch was created by Tony Ayres and Louise Fox.

Season 1 was filmed on location in Mt Alexander and Castlemaine, Australia. Glitch is a collaboration between ABC and Matchbox Pictures (which is a division of NBC Universal International Studios) and is in association with Netflix’s original series.

Are you looking forward to Season 2 of Glitch? Do you live in Melbourne and plan to attend this event during the Melbourne International Film Festival? Let us know by commenting below.

Season 1 of Glitch is currently airing worldwide on Netflix.

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