Maddie Brown Brush Of ‘Sister Wives’ Could Be Getting Her Own Spin-Off

Maddie Brush and her husband Caleb are doing great. They just had their first baby, and now Life & Style is sharing that there is a chance that Maddie could end up getting her own spin-off show. The fans would love to see how Maddie is doing now that she is married and is a mother.

During last season of Sister Wives, the fans got to see a lot of Maddie’s life. She shared her engagement, wedding, and even all about her pregnancy. The fans can’t wait to see how she is as a mother with her new son Axel. He was born in May and is the only grandchild so far.

An insider is revealing that Maddie might get her own show. Of course, this would include her husband, Caleb. They are living away from the Brown family, so this idea makes sense. The source explained that the fans love them and feel like they make the perfect couple.

If Maddie and Caleb got a spin-off, it would be very focused on their lives and not the entire Brown family. It would show how they are doing in marriage and being parents. Fans are also curious to see when they decide it is time to add another baby to their family. The source said that the paperwork hasn’t been signed yet, so it isn’t official, but TLC seems really interested in doing it. If you pay attention on Facebook, Maddie has been helping Meri Brown with her LuLaRoe posts for her business, but other than that it seems like Maddie is staying home with her baby.

Maddie Brown actually had her baby at her parent’s home in Las Vegas during a home birth. The fans are hoping to get to see all of the details of it soon on Sister Wives, but instead, it could end up being on Maddie Brown Brush’s spin-off if she actually gets one. After the birth, Kody described the events, saying, “Having Maddie give birth in our home was pretty intense. It was interesting because we were all there together. Everybody was kind of cheering her on — I think honestly she was drawing strength somehow from all of us being there.”

Would you watch a spin-off with Maddie Brown of Sister Wives? Do you think that she should get a show? Sound off in the comments section below. At this time, TLC hasn’t confirmed if Sister Wives will come back to TLC or not.

[Featured Image by Maddie Brown/Instagram]