‘Southern Charm’ Cast’s Net Worth Might Surprise You

The Southern Charm cast appears to live a gentile Charleston lifestyle, and nobody seems to be wanting for anything, but how real is the reality portrayed by executive producer Whitney Sudler-Smith and friends? The reported Southern Charm cast net worth might surprise a lot of Bravo fans, as all is not what it seems.

Few cast members on Southern Charm seem to be doing anything full-time, so there must be a whole lot of trust fund money — or mailbox money as Shep Rose calls it. Certainly, nobody in the Southern Charm cast is panhandling, but who has what and who has access to liquid assets might change the way you look at old money.

The Southern Charm cast is made up of up-and-comers and trust-funders — or “Trustafarians” as novelist Jay McInerny called them — but Southern Charm fans have been sold a bit of a bill of goods before with some fake storylines. When the production company was planning to launch the show, originally called Southern Gentlemen, the show was going to focus on the men — the “Peter Pans” of Charleston — and it suggested that all of the men were independently wealthy, including Craig Conover, who, in reality, comes from a middle-class family in Fenwick, Delaware. The promotional materials for Southern Gentlemen suggested that Craig was a socialite from Maryland’s Eastern Shore and a neighbor of Donald Rumsfeld, which was a serious stretch. When women were added to the proposal, Cameran Eubanks was referred to as a Charleston debutante, which was an exaggeration since Cameran is from Anderson, South Carolina, and also from a middle-class family.


When breaking down the Southern Charm cast’s net worth, the numbers are likely not exact. Each Southern Charm cast member has income from different sources, and some like Shep Rose are actively investing in business interests, like bars, restaurants, and apps like Yotme, a social gathering start-up. The bottom line is that the Southern Charm cast’s net worth comparison is a bit apples and oranges.

Shep Rose is originally from Hilton Head, South Carolina, but is now making his home in Charleston. Shep obviously has income from Southern Charm and his new Bravo show, Relationshep. Shep has an MBA from Vanderbilt and a business background, which has helped him invest in a bar/restaurant called the Palace Hotel. As fans saw on the Southern Charm reunion, Shep is also thinking about new business ideas (he talked about a beer company with new guy Austen called “Shepervescence”). All of that said, Shep’s net worth is listed as $200,000.

Southern Charm cast member Craig Conover has had a rough year or two on the show, but he has now graduated law school and passed the bar, so his prospects are looking up. On LinkedIn, Craig lists his occupation as founder and CEO of Apex Principles. Southern Charm Season 4 showed Craig investing in real estate, and so he certainly seems upwardly mobile. His live-in girlfriend, Naomie Olindo, is pretty impressive in her own right, as she already has her real estate license and is seeking an MBA in finance. But even though Craig isn’t getting any mailbox money like Shep, his net worth is also listed as $200,000.

Then there is Cameran Eubanks, who is shown on Southern Charm selling real estate, but her comfortable style of living is likely due to her Bravo and Bravo-related income and the income earned by her husband, Dr. Jason Wimberly, an anesthesiologist. Cameran’s net worth is said to be $550,000.

At this time, Southern Charm cast member Kathryn Dennis’ net worth has taken a hit after some hefty legal bills related to her custody battle, but Kathryn comes from notable South Carolina families on both sides, the Calhouns and the Dennises. Kathryn has described her family as land rich as opposed to bolstered with lots of liquid assets. Currently, Kathryn’s income is from modeling, appearances, and of course, Southern Charm. Kathryn’s net worth is listed as $600,000.

But perhaps the biggest surprise when investigating the net worth of the Southern Charm cast was Landon Clements, who at least on the show seems to be perpetually looking for a job or business opportunity and has recently started blogging about travel. On several episodes of Southern Charm, Landon meets up with her father and seems to be asking for money, which seems odd as Landon’s net worth is listed at $3 million.

Next is the man who claims to have the name (and the bridge) which opens doors on Southern Charm and in Charleston, and that is Thomas Ravenel. Like Kathryn, Thomas comes with the family name and family money, and as fans have seen on Southern Charm, he has a beautiful house in town with a full guest house, plus a plantation home in the country with a stable of polo ponies. That said, nobody knows how much equity someone has in their property because Thomas Ravenel’s net worth is listed as $2 million.


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But in terms of the Southern Charm cast’s net worth, most of the curiosity is about Whitney Sudler-Smith and his mother, Patricia Altschul. While not originally from South Carolina, Whitney and his mother moved to Charleston from Los Angeles and New York, respectively. Whitney is the creator of Southern Charm and is in the process of expanding into Savannah and New Orleans, so in addition to his family money, Whitney’s actual income comes from Bravo and his production company, Haymaker. Without bringing mama Patricia into the equation, Whitney Sudler-Smith’s net worth is listed as $2 million.

And now the big Kahuna, Patricia Altschul, who can buy and sell the whole cast of Southern Charm with the money she made the old-fashioned way, which is by marrying well. Which is not to say that Patricia doesn’t know how to earn her own money, as she has her degree from George Washington University in Washington, D.C., and has served as director of several non-profits and lectured on art history. Patricia Altschul’s net worth is $20 million.

So don’t cry for any of your favorite Southern Charm cast members, as their net worths are all fairly in the pink.

Does any of the Southern Charm cast net worths surprise you?

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