Keanu The Lemur Attacks A Postal Worker Named Reeves

Oddball news story of the day: A lemur named Keanu has reportedly attacked a woman with the last name of Reeves. It would be incredibly difficult to make this stuff up.

According to the TM Daily Post, the lemur allegedly attacked a postal carrier named Marla Reeves. Although most people are sure to get a chuckle out of this story, the victim isn’t too thrilled with the encounter.

Reeves was casually delivering the mail when the lemur jumped into her vehicle and sank its tiny teeth into her hand. Once the deed was done, Keanu fled the scene before Reeves could react.

“I was fixing to pull away and when I looked back to pull away that’s when I felt the pain in my hand,” Marla said of the incident. “I looked at my hand and the lemur was on my hand and I lifted up my arm like this and blood was running down my arm.”

KTRE reports that Reeves previously encountered the lemur while delivering the mail. Just a few weeks prior to this incident, the Keanu jumped on her car as Reeves was rolling up the window. Apparently the lemur isn’t particularly fond of daily mail delivery.

Sheriff Darrell Bobbitt said Keanu is now in quarantine for 30 days to determine whether or not the animal has rabies. The county attorney’s office is currently considering further legal action.

Although Reeves isn’t likely to die from her injuries, she did receive medical attention after getting bitten by the lemur.

“I wish they would take him to a sanctuary or a zoo so he can still live and run free but not have to worry about him hurting me or someone else,” she explained.

What do you think about the lemur named Keanu that bit a mail carrier named Reeves? Do you think legal action should be taken against the animal’s owner?