Pickle-Flavored Candy Canes Add An Unusual Twist To A Holiday Tradition

Archie McPhee’s pickle-flavored candy canes are a sure-fire way to make this holiday season a bit more memorable than the last.

According to MSN, the company is now offering the pickle-flavored candy to anyone who has grown tired of the same old thing. Instead of a strong blast of peppermint, adventurous eaters can now assault their taste buds with the power of dill.

Although the idea of sucking on a candy cane that tastes like a pickle might sound like a terrible idea to some, apparently there’s a market for gimmicky and unusual Christmas treats.

The candy even comes with its very own oddball storyline:

“On Christmas Eve, Santa Pickle gets into his barrel and rolls around the world delivering pickled vegetables to all the good boys and girls. That’s right, it’s Santa Pickle! In the spirit of his briny generosity, we present our dill-flavored Pickle Candy Canes. They are a beautiful Christmas green color that pairs perfectly on your tree next to the regular red candy canes.

“He was once a lowly, underachieving personified cucumber who dreamed of one day being garnish on delicious plate of food. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t get anyone to consider him edible. Depressed, he fell asleep in his bath one December 24th and the Christmas spirit appeared. Recognizing the generosity and goodness in the cucumber’s heart, the spirit sprinkled that water with salt, vinegar, spices and loads of fresh dill. When that common cucumber woke up from his nap, he had transformed into Santa Pickle. Now he travels the world in his magic pickle barrel delivering pickles to all the good little boys and girls that prefer savory things over sweets.”

According to Yahoo! News, the Seattle-based company isn’t just offering these pickle-flavored candy canes to the masses. In addition to his peculiar treat, Archie McPhee is also selling candy canes that taste like bacon.

Of course, there are more traditional peppermint-flavored Christmas offerings currently on the market. If sucking on candy that tastes like a dill pickle isn’t your thing, perhaps taking a hammer to a peppermint pig is more to your liking.

Would you try a pickle-flavored candy cane?