Woman Suing Disney After Screw Made Her Fall And Caused Injuries At The BoardWalk Villas

Another guest is looking to receive compensation from Disney after bringing a lawsuit against the company due to injuries she allegedly received while visiting one of their resorts. A woman from Illinois states that she was visiting the BoardWalk Villas in Walt Disney World to do some shopping when she tripped and fell on a raised screw. She has now brought forth a lawsuit against Disney and is looking to receive thousand of dollars in damages.

In a report from the Florida Record, Mary Millonzi filed her complaint on June 13 of this year in the 9th Judicial Circuit Court of Florida. Her lawsuit is against Walt Disney Parks and Resorts US Inc. and it alleges negligence on their part and she states that they are responsible for her injuries.

Her complaint states that she was at Disney’s BoardWalk Villas on June 25, 2015, to look around the resort by doing some shopping and visiting the restaurants. Millonzi’s planned day of fun ended up taking a bad turn when she tripped on a “raised screw” and ended up falling to the ground.

Millonzi claims that Disney was negligent and it ended up leading to causing her injury.

disney boardwalk inn villas suing guest screw fall trip injuries lawsuit
[Image by The Walt Disney Company]

According to the lawsuit, Millonzi says that after tripping and falling over the raised screw, she suffered “bodily injury” which resulted in “pain and suffering, disfigurement, mental anguish, and aggravation of a previously existing condition.”

The plaintiff believes that Disney should not have allowed such a dangerous situation to exist and even if they did, they should have warned of it, which they did not.

Mary Millonzi is seeking a trial by jury and looking for damages of more than $15,000 from Disney along with other costs such as court fees. The exact amount that she is looking for from Disney has not been officially stated as of this time.

disney boardwalk inn villas suing guest screw fall trip injuries lawsuit
[Image by Danny Cox]

Disney has not publicly commented on the pending lawsuit.

Lawsuits being brought against the “House of Mouse” are nothing new, but it isn’t often that success is heard to come from them. In the case of the guest being injured by falling over a raised screw in the floor at Disney’s BoardWalk Villas, Mary Millonzi believes she is owed this money in damages and feels Disney should pay. Only time will tell if she wins her case, but it could end up costing her more in fighting the case in the end.

[Featured Image by Danny Cox]