‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Jesus Confided In Maggie That He is Gay, But When Will He Get A Boyfriend?

The Walking Dead fans saw Jesus open up to Maggie in Season 7. He shared with her several things about his personal life, including his sexual orientation. Jesus told her he is gay. The thing is, he has not had a love interest on the show. Have you been wondering who it would be and when it would happen?

The following contains possible spoilers for The Walking Dead. Don’t continue to read unless you want to know what could be coming.

According to ComicBook, in comic book No. 169, Jesus finally gets a relationship. When Rick approaches Jesus regarding an upcoming trip, he tells Rick that he doesn’t want to go. Jesus is the guy that is normally ready to go on any plan Rick or Maggie wants. Jesus explains to Rick that his priorities have changed now that he is in a relationship with Aaron. Both of them are ready to settle down and stay behind the wall of Alexandria, as they build a life together.

As true The Walking Dead fans, you know that Aaron is a good guy. On the television series, he is currently in a relationship with Eric. According to the comic books, their breakup happens during the All Out War. Season 8 will be starting between comic book Nos. 115 and 120. The show covers approximately 20 issues of the comic books during one season of television, but Season 8 will probably only make it through comic No. 126.


It is no secret that The Walking Dead television show does not always follow the comics. If you are hoping to see the relationship between Jesus and Aaron, be prepared. The TV writers could speed up the time frame or skip this part altogether. If they were to follow the time frame, there are about 40 comics between Aaron and Eric’s breakup and the beginning of relationship with Jesus. This means The Walking Dead fans may have to wait a couple of seasons to see Jesus in a relationship.


Do you hope the show follows The Walking Dead comics on the storyline of Jesus and Aaron? Are you surprised that Aaron and Eric end things during the All Out War? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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