US Air Force Recruiting Center Bombed In Tulsa, Oklahoma Suburb Of Bixby

A United States Air Force recruiting office near Tulsa, Oklahoma was bombed on Monday evening. This is the second time a military recruitment center in the area was attacked recently.

Bomb squads were dispatched to the Tulsa suburb of Bixby around 10:30 p.m. local time on Monday night. Oklahoma police sergeant Tim Scrivner told the media no one was inside the Air Force recruiting center when it was bombed.

Both the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) and the FBI are now investigating the bombing of the Tulsa Air Force recruiting center. The law enforcement agents are reviewing the scene and collecting evidence to help determine what type of bomb was used and what the possible motive was for the crime.

FBI Special Agent Jessi Rice said initial information received about the Air Force recruiting center bombing indicates a pipe bomb was used, CNN reports. Rice added the exact type of bomb used in the attack on the military facility cannot yet be confirmed.

A witness to the Tulsa area Air Force recruiting center bombing said an individual on a motorcycle was in the area just before the attack. Law enforcement agents are reportedly following up on the potential lead.

The witness reportedly told investigators a person on a red “crotch rocket” motorcycle drove up to the front of the recruiting center and threw a backpack at the front entrance and drove away quickly before the explosion. As of yet, the FBI has not labeled the crime as an act of domestic terrorism.

Investigators have reportedly indicated such a designation cannot occur until a suspect or a motive becomes known. Terrorism of some type has not been ruled out as the motive behind the bombing in Bixby.

The bombing at the Oklahoma Air Force recruiting center caused significant damage to the interior of the building and blew the doors off the military office, according to a report by the Heavy.

Several days before the Tulsa area Air Force recruiting center was bombed, a National Guard recruiting center in the area was vandalized. The individual or individuals involved in the incident vandalized the building and slashed tires of vehicles at the center. The FBI has not yet determined if the two criminal incidents at the respective recruiting centers are linked.

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