‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Spoilers For Season 4: Which Couples Stay Together And Are There Any Engagements?

Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise doesn’t premiere for a while yet, but there has already been plenty of drama connected to this cast. After a brief filming hiatus, the action picked up again in Mexico, and now BIP spoilers have emerged thanks to gossip guru Reality Steve. Who hooks up and does anybody get engaged?

Filming was halted briefly after an incident between Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson raised questions related to consent, but that was soon resolved and the cast was flown back to Mexico to start filming again. Reality Steve’s Bachelor in Paradise spoilers tease that there are 30 different contestants, aside from Corinne and DeMario, who pop up in Season 4. Despite some talk that Jackson would return to continue filming, it doesn’t look like he did.

The majority of the BIP Season 4 contestants are from Rachel Lindsay’s Bachelorette and Nick Viall’s Bachelor seasons, but some other familiar faces are involved too. Amanda Stanton is part of the cast, as are Ben Higgins cast-offs Emily and Haley Ferguson. Guys from JoJo Fletcher’s season include Vinny Ventiera, Alex Woytkiw, Robby Hayes, Nick Benvenutti, and Derek Peth, and Kaitlyn Bristowe cast-off Ben Zorn is there too.

Bachelor in Paradise spoilers via TMZ detail that after the incident with Corinne, new rules were put in place that required the contestants to slow down their drinking and inform production if they planned to spend the night with another contestant. Viewers can expect to see a triangle forming with Dean Unglert, Kristina Schulman, and Danielle Lombard, and Reality Steve teases that this will be a big focus in Season 4.


Reality Steve previously reported that Kristina and Dean had already connected before the filming hiatus, but when Danielle showed up, his Bachelor in Paradise spoilers note that Unglert tended to spend the days with Lombard and the nights with Schulman. Kristina put up with this for a while and then eliminated herself, giving a speech about not feeling appreciated.

In addition to Kristina’s self-elimination, Bachelor in Paradise spoilers indicate that Ben Zorn also eliminates himself fairly early on, as did Danielle Maltby. The Ferguson twins also eliminate themselves after apparently being stood up for a double date. They are said to end up furious, ranting at everybody, before they leave.

Heading into the finale, the remaining couples needed to decide whether to go home separately, go home with one another, or have an overnight date. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers reveal that there are eight couples remaining at this point that face this decision.

Who lasts long enough to be in the mix heading into the finale? Bachelor in Paradise spoilers share that this group includes Daniel Maguire and Lacey Mark, Adam Gottschalk and Raven Gates, Derek and Taylor Nolan, and Jasmine Goode and Jonathan “Tickle Monster” Treece. In addition, Amanda Stanton and Robby Hayes, Christen Whitney and Jack Stone, Dean and Danielle, and Kenneth “Diggy” Moreland, Jaimi King, and Dominique Alexis were all still in Mexico together as well.


It seems that three couples will do overnight dates: Raven and Adam, Taylor and Derek, and Lacey and Daniel. Bachelor in Paradise spoilers detail that all of the other couples go home separately, with Dean telling Danielle that he’s in love with Kristina. Who gets engaged in Season 4? Unlike all of the previous seasons, Reality Steve says that nobody goes that route this time. However, it seems that Derek and Taylor are still going strong, and fans may see them get engaged if there is an After Paradise series or a reunion show.

As for Lacey and Daniel, they apparently had already been hooking up prior to filming, and they are currently dating. However, Reality Steve’s spoilers hint that the relationship may be rather lopsided and Lacey could end up facing heartbreak. What about Raven and Adam? It sounds as if they may still be dating, but the status of that pairing seems somewhat less certain. He is said to have hooked up with Sarah Vendal during the filming hiatus, and this does come up with Raven during Season 4. Despite that, Raven and Adam seem to remain together.

Robby and Amanda went home separately from Mexico, but they are apparently still dating now too. Jack and Jasmine teased their social media followers that they were engaged, which they are not, but they may try out dating too. When it comes to the Dean, Kristina, Danielle triangle, that has continued, per Reality Steve’s Bachelor in Paradise spoilers.

Are you surprised to hear the spoilers teasing that there are no engagements this time? Which of the couples together now do you think have the most potential to eventually get engaged? Bachelor in Paradise spoilers hint that this will be a buzzworthy season and fans cannot wait until the drama begins.

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