‘Bachelor In Paradise’ 2017 Shutdown: Additional Details Emerge On Corinne Olympios, DeMario Jackson Incident

Filming for the Bachelor in Paradise 2017 season has been halted, and plenty of details about the cause are beginning to emerge. Warner Brothers confirmed that all of the contestants were sent home, and the buzz is that Season 4 probably will not air at all. While things were fairly hazy in the hours after word emerged of the BIP filming shutdown, more information is coming out, and it sounds like this is a messy situation. What’s the latest?

As was previously reported by the Inquisitr, gossip guru Reality Steve shared that filming for the Bachelor in Paradise 2017 season was shut down over the weekend and everybody was flown home. Early spoilers detailed that something had transpired between contestants Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson during filming, and while Reality Steve said that nobody was hurt, whatever happened caused issues and led to the shutdown.

Additional information emerged indicating that a Bachelor in Paradise producer filed a “third-party complaint” about what happened between Corinne and DeMario, and this has sparked an investigation. While the 2017 season has not been officially canceled as of yet, it looks like it’s heading that way. Everybody speculated about what this third-party complaint meant and why the producer felt it necessary to file something, and more information is now available regarding that aspect of this wild situation.

According to People, a producer witnessed the drunken encounter, said to be between Corinne and DeMario, and cameras were reportedly rolling during what is said to have started at the BIP bar and transitioned to the pool. A source close to the show now shares this is a complicated situation that revolves around two contestants where questions regarding consent have been brought up with the complaint. Bachelor in Paradise fans had started to speculate that content issues might be the case when it was revealed that the producer had filed a third-party complaint.

The source details the series “absolutely values the primacy of consent” and that in this case, “it appears as though conduct allegedly occurred without the proper consent having been given.” It appears that the Bachelor in Paradise producer in question saw what happened between the two contestants, and all sources at this point have indicated that indeed this is in reference to Olympios and Jackson. According to sources, the consent issue is possibly due to the alcohol consumed before the two hooked up.

While Corinne has yet to speak out about all of this drama, DeMario has apparently spoken to friends who then spoke to TMZ. They say Jackson was told that one of the storylines for Season 4 would have him hooking up with Olympios, and this began on the first day of production. DeMario reportedly says that Corinne suggested that they move to the pool, and while they seemingly did not have sex, due to how drunk he was, things did get rather intimate. In his version of the story, it sounds as if she initiated some of the intensely frisky behavior that and he went along with it all.

However, the site notes his version detailing that Corinne initiated some of the later activity is a major point of contention and that there are others who were present or connected to the Bachelor in Paradise incident who disagree with how he laid out his account of what happened. Jackson seemingly added that after the pool rendezvous, the two continued to get along fine, but a few days ago, they were summoned by the executive producer who said that producers were uncomfortable with what they saw on film.

So far, the other accounts of what happened between Corinne and DeMario in the pool have not emerged, and there have been no arrests or anything of that nature at this point. While Jackson has not commented on all of the rumors directly, he did respond to some tweets from followers about “ALT FACTS” swirling around Sunday night. He didn’t go into detail, but this is surely connected to the buzz and assumptions that some are making regarding him perhaps taking advantage of Corinne while they were drunk during that Bachelor in Paradise pool incident.

While Corinne and DeMario supposedly were shown the footage of their pool incident before filming for the Bachelor in Paradise 2017 season was shut down and are said to have connected and been on good terms once they got home, things certainly took a serious turn with this producer’s complaint, and it may well have led to the end of the series for good.

Just what happened in the pool between Corrine Olympios and DeMario Jackson, and is there a consent issue as one producer has seemingly alleged? Is this the end of Bachelor in Paradise for good? What happens to the wedding for Carly Waddell and Evan Bass that was slated to take place as part of filming on June 17? There are still plenty of unknowns in this unfortunate Bachelor in Paradise situation, but fans are anxious to learn more.

Update: People adds some additional information to the mix of things, noting that two cast members allegedly saw the pool incident and were said to be upset that production did not intervene and stop what was happening. A different contestant has indicated that people on the cast are mad, and not just at DeMario. The buzz is that many are angry about the situation as a whole because filming continued when it was supposedly obvious that someone in charge should have intervened.

TMZ adds that the producer at the center of this apparently was supposed to shadow Corinne and started to hear about the pool incident, and that sparked the complaint. Sources also indicate that the producer has not seen the video footage of the incident, and it’s not clear whether she was there when it happened. While cast members have allegedly said that it was clear there as a consent issue as it happened, insiders say that the footage does not necessarily sync with the allegation that she was too drunk to consent. It is clear that there is plenty more to come regarding this situation and Bachelor in Paradise fans will be curious to see how this all plays out.

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