July 14, 2017
Who Are Haley And Emily Ferguson Of 'The Bachelor' 2016 Season With Ben Higgins?

Haley and Emily Ferguson are two of the contestants on Ben Higgins' season of ABC's The Bachelor. The 2016 season premieres on January 4, and fans cannot wait to see if Ben finds love. What do viewers need to know about Emily and Haley as Season 20 gets started?

Emily and Haley Ferguson are twins from Las Vegas, Nevada. According to Reality Steve's Bachelor spoilers, Haley and Emily were working as cocktail waitresses at the Cosmopolitan Hotel's Marquee prior to heading off to film the show. He also notes that they previously auditioned to be Laker Girls, and News4usonline detailed that they had been wanting to be involved with the Lakers cheer team for years.

The Ferguson twins were also involved in CMT's Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team, auditioning for a couple of recent seasons, notes DFW. Bachelor fans will remember that Melissa Rycroft Strickland, who was Jason Mesnick's final pick during his season before he shifted gears and chose Molly during the After the Final Rose special, was involved in the CMT show as well.

The 23-year-old twins actually will not be the first set of twins participating on a Bachelor franchise show, but viewers can bet that these identical twins will be heavily hyped as Season 20 begins. Wetpaint notes that Bob Guiney's season also had a set of twins, Leona and Samantha, and then there were the twins of Bachelor Pad 3, Erica and Brittany Taltos. While neither of those sets of twins fared well during their seasons, Reality Steve's spoilers indicate that Haley and Emily will fare somewhat better with Ben Higgins.

In addition to their reality TV and cheerleading pursuits, Emily and Haley have a lifestyle blog called Blondsense that they do along with a friend named Mace Camp. They note that the blog focuses on fashion and beauty, although they include travel, relationship and food tidbits as well. The Ferguson twins also have a YouTube channel that currently has a handful of videos, mostly tutorials on hair and makeup.

Bachelor host Chris Harrison teased a handful of ladies to watch via Yahoo! TV, and both Emily and Haley made the cut. Harrison shares that the Ferguson twins will get out of the limo together to greet Ben, and this moment has been teased in some previews already. Of course, Ben will be a bit stunned by this one, and Reality Steve's spoilers have indicated that both Haley and Emily will be around for at least a few episodes.

Chris says that the Fergusons watched Ben on Kaitlyn Bristowe's Bachelorette, and both ladies really liked him. When they realized that they both wanted to audition for the show, they decided to go for it together. Most fans would imagine that as soon as the producers caught wind of identical twins auditioning for Season 20, they were giddy with excitement.

Apparently this is the first time that Emily and Haley have been interested in the same guy, and it may well get complicated. The sisters are said to be very close with one another, and Harrison says they are really tough to tell apart. Although some might imagine that having identical twins on the show would be a natural opportunity for the dreaded two-on-one date mid-season, Reality Steve's Bachelor spoilers say that Emily and Haley did not end up together on that date of Ben's.

Will one of the twins capture Higgins' heart and his final rose? Viewers will have to stay tuned to see how it all plays out, but Reality Steve's spoilers tease that there will be some cringeworthy moments ahead involving the Ferguson twins. Tune into ABC's The Bachelor 2016 season beginning on Monday, January 4 to see just how Ben Higgins reacts to Haley and Emily Ferguson showing up for this season.

[Image via Haley Ferguson's Instagram]