‘Married At First Sight’: Sheila Reveals Her Dream Job, Says She Will Start A Blog Soon

Sheila Duhon has recently caught some controversy among producers and fans of Lifetime’s hit reality TV series Married at First Sight. After voicing her frustrations to the cameras for documenting every single conflict she has with Nate, her husband, Sheila has practically declared that she is done with the reality TV show.

Interestingly, after her confrontation with the producers of Married at First Sight, her official MAFS Twitter handle was shut down, and she has come back to the microblogging platform using a personal account that is not affiliated with the reality TV show. Despite not using a Twitter handle that is officially linked to Married at First Sight, however, Sheila has remained quite active on the platform, responding to conversations among viewers and her co-participants alike.

Sheila’s actions on the show — especially her dislike for being filmed when she is running into problems with her marriage — has proven controversial among viewers, as revealed in MAFS fan discussions on online platforms such as Reddit. Many, however, have lauded Sheila for her courage in standing up for what she truly believed in, as well as her desire to protect the integrity of her marriage to Nate.

Being a lady with a strong personality and even stronger beliefs, Sheila has consistently posted about her faith and her stance regarding some of her fellow contestants’ issues, and this has resulted in her gaining thousands of followers on the microblogging platform. Recently, one of her followers, Carolyn Evett, stated that Sheila, with her personality and presence, should be given a talk show in the future.

Responding to her follower, Sheila revealed that being a talk show host is actually her dream job. While Sheila admitted that she would likely not be given a chance to be a talk show host in the near future, however, the MAFS contestant did state that she would be starting a blog in the meantime.

“That would be a dream job! But in the meantime/in between time, I’m going to start a blog. Stay tuned!”

Considering Sheila’s highly opinionated personality and her presence onscreen, it is no wonder that some Married at First Sight fans believe that she would be a perfect fit for the talk show industry. The fact that Sheila is well-read, highly educated, and accomplished in her career as a director of operations in the education sector further adds to her credibility.

If Sheila does make it and becomes a talk show host in the future, she would only have herself, her husband, and her followers to thank. For now, at least, anyone who is fond of the brazen Chicago-bred career woman could rest assure that even after Married at First Sight finishes its run this season, Sheila would still be around, updating her followers through a blog.

Married at First Sight airs every Thursday night at 9 p.m. on Lifetime.

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