July 2, 2016
Weight Loss Using Leeches? London Woman Says Yes

Warning: Disturbing images ahead!

Weight loss using leeches may be somewhat of a reprehensible thought, but a woman in London uses them for that -- and more. As a matter of fact, this London woman is so adept to using leeches that she says they have improved her sex life and many other areas of her life.

According to the British online news source Daily Mail, the London lady who is using the leech therapy, more commonly known as hirudology, is named Alex Bogatyriova.

Alex claims that the leeches are her pets and she has many uses for them, but the most extravagant use was for her dramatic weight loss. She does not see the leeches as just her weight loss tool, though, given that she cares for them in her home and refers to them as her pets.

Using leeches for weight loss is somewhat new, but leech therapy has been used in the past. As a matter of fact, leeches have had many different types of medicinal uses over the years, especially in the United Kingdom.

As far back as the 1970s, the National Health Institute in England claimed to have used leech therapy as a way to help people who have had to have limbs reattached to their bodies. Sometimes, when patients are going through a reattachment, it can be hard to get blood to flow back through the once severed limb. That was when leeches were brought in after their operations. The leeches would be attached to the body parts that have been put back on a person's body, and their natural instincts of suction would help to stimulate blood flow to the once severed limb. That would of course help the person make use of that limb again.

But leech therapy for weight loss is something totally different. As a matter of fact, according to Alex Bogatyriova, weight loss is only the beginning of what she uses her little pets for.

"More and more the benefits of leech therapy are becoming mainstream and in fact Britain has the biggest leech breeding firm for medicinal use," Alex told Daily Mail.

Alex Bogatyriova referred to her leeches as her pets that she could not live without. On top of helping the London woman with her weight loss, she say that the leeches have also improved her sex life, which includes her sex drive as well as stimulation during coitus.

"Leeches have improved my love life and for the first time ever I am experiencing multiple orgasms. It's wonderful," Alex Bogatyriova said.

But to make the news even odder, Alex Bogatyriova has said that she uses them for so many things, which includes putting the leeches in her mouth.

"They are my babies and they live in big jars in my kitchen," Alex Bogatyriova told Daily Mail. "I put them inside my mouth to clean my gums and make my teeth healthy, they hang from my face and help with pimples and wrinkles and keep me in shape both in and outside the bedroom."

Alex Bogatyriova claims that leeches alone are the secret to her weight loss. The London woman has gone on record saying that she has decreased her BMI (Body Mass Index) and she has not had to change her diet in any way.

On top of her weight loss, Bogatyriova also said that she uses the leeches on any scars that she may have on her body and they help to get rid of those unsightly marks. She uses them on her feet and toes as well.

This news does not mean that the average person should go out and find leeches to obtain weight loss. Alex Bogatyriova is a trained professional in hirudology and says she knows how to use the leeches to her advantage. But for the average person, using leeches for weight loss is not advisable without an experienced professional to at least aid in the process.

[Photo Oleksandr Lysenko/Shutterstock Images]