‘Alien UFO’ Disappears Into Portal: Alleged Global Sightings Spark Debate, But Skeptics Say Video Is CGI Hoax

Multiple news outlets worldwide are reporting the “extraordinary sighting” in many parts of the world of a mysterious, alien UFO that disappeared into a “diamond-shaped” portal that might have been a stargate, an inter-dimensional gateway or the hatch of an alien mothership. The alleged UFO was reportedly seen and filmed by multiple witnesses across the globe as it flew in the sky and disappeared into a mysterious alien portal.

However, skeptics have dismissed the video (see below), saying that it is yet another example of a CGI viral hoax.

Footage of the alleged sighting uploaded online appears to show a UFO, presumed to be an alien spacecraft, entering into a lighted portal and disappearing.

Tens of thousands of UFO enthusiasts on social media have viewed and commented on the video purportedly showing a mysterious alien UFO with multiple lights hovering over houses and trees in a residential neighborhood and entering into a diamond-shaped portal. The alleged UFO, which appears to have a vapor trail, rises slowly in the night sky and disappears into a brightly illuminated portal. The portal closes and disappears after the UFO had entered.

Several U.K. tabloids and other news outlets across the world, including the Siberian Times, picked up the story. Some sources claimed that the strange incident was witnessed at multiple locations across the world, including Russia, North America, and Mexico.

The video (see below) has been viewed online more than a million times.

However, skeptics challenged the authenticity of the widely distributed video, claiming that it was very likely CGI and thus a viral hoax.

The Siberian Times, however, speculated that the video might have been created using a “drone and laser” disguised to simulate the appearance of an extraterrestrial craft entering a portal. The website quoted a source that suggested that the video might have been filmed in a residential neighborhood in Yakutia or the Sakha Republic in Siberia.

According to the Siberian Times, the video emerged only recently in the local media in Siberia. However, the news site was unable to confirm when and where it was filmed.

Quoting Semyon, who reportedly uploaded the video online, the Siberian Times cast doubt on the authenticity of the video, noting that police in the region did not report calls about a mysterious alien UFO flying into a bright portal in the sky.

Express also recalled that Snopes had earlier dismissed a similar reported sighting in southern Colorado last June. Snopes argued that it was likely CGI.

According to some UFO enthusiasts, another version of the video, reportedly filmed over Sonora in Mexico near the U.S. border, suggests that similar incidents — an alien UFO entering into a diamond-shaped portal — occurred in several parts of the world and that thousands of people across the world witnessed the incidents.

However, Snopes noted that if such a spectacular event had happened worldwide, it would have been reported by multiple local news sources at the time that it happened at the various locations across the world. For instance, no local news source reported the alleged incident over Colorado last June, despite the fact that the San Luis Valley region in southern Colorado is a notorious UFO hotspot.

Several online viewers also expressed skepticism about the video.

“Looks like a LED assembly, those tiny light emissions consume very little power,” a skeptical viewer commented. “Someone could easily mount them in a home-made floating balloon and make a very nice show.”

“It is possible… but how many people have access to LEDs and drones in Yakutia, which is in the back blocks of Siberia?” another viewer asked.

Other viewers were less concerned about the authenticity of the video than the CGI skills of the creator of the video.

“Home editing program,” a viewer said. “It’s an OK job.”

“Pretty good job seems like this person will have a job in the movie industry in a few years if they keep it up,” another commented.

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