What Fans Need To Know About ‘Real Housewives Of Potomac’ Gizelle’s Boyfriend Sherman Douglas

There is something about the Real Housewives of Potomac and basketball players because Gizelle Bryant is the third RHOP cast member to have a former NBA player at her side. Gizelle Bryant, formerly married to controversial pastor Jamal Bryant, is now officially dating retired NBA star, Sherman Douglas. RHOP Robyn Dixon is still involved with ex-husband Juan Dixon, a retired NBA player who now coaches college basketball at Coppin State in Baltimore, and Charrisse Jackson-Jordan is in the middle of a divorce with Eddie Jordan, also a former NBA player, an ex-NBA coach, and a former college basketball coach. Three former NBA players on one Real Housewives show has to be a record. But it sounds like Gizelle might have landed a whale because word is that Sherman Douglas is doing quite well financially.

Fans of RHOP got their first glimpse at Gizelle’s new love, Sherman Douglas, on part one of the Real Housewives of Potomac reunion where he was hanging out backstage waiting for his new lady love. If the drama on the stage doesn’t scare Douglas off, he might be a keeper. While the bulk of the reunion on Sunday seemed to be dedicated to raking “Grande Dame” Karen Huger over the coals, there was time for talk of Gizelle’s questionable ex-husband Jamal, who one of the women said was tapping anything in a skirt in his congregation, and mention of the ex-wife of Sherman Douglas, who is friends with RHOP Charrisse Jackson-Jordan.

But if Sherman Douglas is going to stick around with RHOP Gizelle for the long haul, perhaps fans should know a little about the former NBA star whose nickname was “the General.” First, Sherman Douglas is a local and was born and raised just down the road in Washington, D.C. But things must be getting serious because Gizelle says she already has a cute nickname for him.

“He’s my Sherm-Sherm, he probably doesn’t want me to call him that publicly…”

The two met at her gym in Bethesda, but Gizelle says she made the first move, asking Sherman to coffee.

“We went to Starbucks to see if we would even like to have a first date.”

RHOP Gizelle shared that her girls love Sherman and the two are said to be serious. And if Gizelle was looking for an investor for her skin care company, she might have found the right man, because during his NBA days, Sherman Douglas was more successful financially than Juan Dixon and Eddie Jordan combined, making just under $24 million before he retired in 2001.

And if Gizelle and Sherman make it official, it looks like Potomac could have a new “Grande Dame” as Sherman is a long-time Potomac resident (take that Karen Huger!).


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But maybe bringing Sherm-Sherm along to the Real Housewives of Potomac reunion was not the best way to introduce your new man to your “friends” and what you do for a living because Gizelle showed she is able and willing to get down and dirty with the other RHOP ladies. And even though Gizelle might be happy with Sherman, she didn’t just scrap with newcomer Monique Samuels on the stage, but they later got into it on Twitter after Gizelle mocked Monique’s marriage. Monique started off sharing her thoughts with Gizelle and Twitter.

“Wisdom does not always come with age. It comes through experience, acceptance and a willingness to move forward.”

And Monique wants RHOP fans to not believe everything they see on the show.

“Things aren’t always what they seem. I’m not as ‘hood’ and [Gizelle] is not as ‘proper.’”

But Gizelle responded saying that she is “unbothered” by what Monique had to say.

“Everybody hates on the #DynamicDuo #GreenEyedBandits.. #Unbothered #RHOP”

And Gizelle also came for Karen Huger and “the black Bill Gates,” reinforcing on Twitter that the two are having financial problems and that Karen made trips to New York to have her “face fixed.”

What do you think of RHOP Gizelle and her new boyfriend Sherman Douglas? Will you watch part two of the Real Housewives of Potomac reunion?

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