Chelsea Clinton Gives Trump A Sick Burn On Twitter After POTUS Draws Her Into His G20 Rant

Chelsea Clinton delivered a sick burn to Donald Trump on Twitter Monday morning, taking him to task for dragging her name into his Twitter rant about his behavior at the G20 summit.

As ABC News reports, Trump took some heat over the weekend for a now-viral photo that showed his daughter, Ivanka, sitting in his reserved spot at some G20 function or another. The reality is that there’s nothing particularly egregious about that photo; it’s not at all uncommon, says ABC News, for members of a G20 leader’s delegation to hold their place or attend in their stead should the need arise. Moreover, indeed, that’s what Trump has been claiming all along; that Ivanka was just place-sitting, that what she was doing wasn’t unprecedented or particularly unusual, and that it’s no big deal.

However, the photo has become something of an unintentional metaphor for the nepotism of the Trump administration. After all, Ivanka, and her husband, Jared Kushner, both have unofficial official jobs in the administration. Ivanka serves as an adviser, and Jared serves as a senior adviser. As CNN reported in May, however, Trump ally Jason Miller said that this isn’t nepotism because they aren’t being paid.

At this point, it would be fair and prudent to agree with Trump that Ivanka’s presence in his seat was and is no big deal and that the media reaction to it has been overblown. However, Trump can’t take criticism lightly, and he responded to it in the most Trump-y way possible: by going on a Twitter rant.

Specifically, Trump dragged Chelsea Clinton’s name into the conversation, even though she hadn’t said a thing about it (at least, not publicly) and it didn’t involve her.

Chelsea, unlike Ivanka, was not in any way employed by her father, Bill Clinton (considering she was 12 when he was inaugurated). She did help her mother, Hillary Clinton, campaign against Trump in 2016, but there was never any talk of bringing her on as an employee of a [Hillary] Clinton administration.

Either way, Chelsea had nothing to do with Trump, Ivanka, or G20, and had no business being brought into the discussion.

She responded to Trump in the most epic way possible.

To be fair, Trump’s line about “giving our country away” was a poor choice of words. He obviously meant to suggest that it would have been Hillary giving the country away, not himself. However, again, Trump’s mastery of the English language, particularly when it comes to ranting on Twitter, has never been his strong suit.

As of this writing, Chelsea hasn’t tweeted anything else about the controversy, or for that matter, tweeted anything at all, except for a re-tweet about poaching in Africa.

However, in replies to her devastating zing at the president, several supporters have praised her.

Do you believe Chelsea Clinton had the right response to Trump invoking her name in his defense? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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