July 3, 2016
The New Facebook News Feed: Tips For Seeing All The Posts And Pages You Want

Recently, Facebook once again decided to change the way its news feed is presented to users and it wasn't met with a very positive reaction. No matter how many complaints come forth, though, they aren't likely to change the minds of Mark Zuckerberg and his staff of workers. While this is going to change the way things look for you on a daily basis, there are still ways of seeing all the posts and pages you like.

As reported by the New Yorker, Facebook changed up things this past week, and as good as they think it is, it isn't great.

The new changes to the Facebook news feed will favor the updates and information from your friends and family while filtering out more businesses and celebrity pages. This could cause pages, not profiles, to see a decline in reach and referral traffic, but that all depends on how much their information is shared.

While some may find this beneficial, other Facebook users are concerned about this change as they enjoy seeing what celebrities and businesses and media outlets have to report. Well, there are still ways to have that stuff land in your news feed, but you may have to work at it.

new facebook news feed pages posts like
[Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]The Facebook Newsroom knows that Facebook is changing it up so you see the updates of the people you're closest to in life. If you really like a particular business or page, though, you can still be really close to it and continue to see it in your news feed by sharing its information and interacting with the page.

In order to see more from your favorite Facebook pages, it is highly recommended that you like and comment and share things from those pages. That will cause more content from them to appear in your news feed and make it seem to the site that you are close to them as you are your friends and family.

Showing love to certain things on Facebook means that Facebook will show you more of the same things you like and enjoy. The more you show, the more you'll be shown.

Oh, and this one may be obvious, but make sure you actually are a follower of the page you want to see posts from. If you're not a fan, you won't see anything now with these new changes.

new facebook news feed pages posts like
[Photo by Chris Jackson/Getty Images]For those that have business or music or media pages, Facebook has some tips for them to continue to be successful as well. In order to keep showing up in the news feeds of others, they recommend posting pics and articles and information that their audience will want to share with their friends.

That is the best way of keeping an organic reach going to their pages, and it will help keep their pages showing up in personal news feeds on Facebook.

Essentially, Facebook is trying to make things easier for you by staying close to those people you actually know. On the other hand, they're making it seem more difficult for interacting with the businesses of the world, but that may actually work out better since it causes more back-and-forth.

Facebook is going to always move forward and keep progressing in ways that they think are beneficial to them and their users. The altered news feed is what they believe will be best for the countless users on the social media giant every single day. It may bother some people and they may feel as if the design is biased toward musicians and businesses and such, but there are still ways to see what you want and support others.

[Photo by Sean Gallup/Getty Images]