Obama In Germany For 2017 G20 Summit? No, But Fake News Shared 50,000 Times On Facebook Claims Obama Was There

Former President Barack Obama was photographed on July 3, in Alaska, as reported by the Inquisitr, making buzz for holding a cute baby and going without his wedding ring. However, according to fake news reports, Obama would soon be on his way to Germany to foul up President Trump’s hotel plans and act like President Obama was still the current U.S. president at the G20 Summit in Germany. The Associated Press shows that the latest photos tagged “Obama Germany” were taken in May. The most recent time former President Obama was photographed in Germany, according to Getty Images, was in May.

One of the real photos of former President Obama shows Mr. Obama above, waving to a crowd in Berlin, Germany, on Thursday, May 25. Germany was commemorating the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. Those searching for “Obama in Germany” on Facebook will find certain headlines proclaiming, “Obama Is In Germany for G20 Summit, He Acts Like President Again,” from websites like Donaldtrumpnews.net, which has been shared more than 27,000 times in 16 hours. Additional headlines also claiming Obama was in Germany for the G20 Summit have caused the fake news to be shared approximately 50,000 times on Facebook.

According to Google Trends, the rising search term “Obama at G20 2017” is a breakout search term, along with quirky search terms like “Obama coffee cup salute,” which is experiencing a 550 percent increase in searches on Google. Along with “Obama Fruit Loops interview,” which has gone up 400 percent in searches, “Obama in Germany” as a search phrase has increased 180 percent, joining “Obama G20 Summit” as a phrase that has surged 90 percent for Googlers.

Was President Obama At The G20 Summit In 2017?

[Image by Lintao Zhang/Getty Images]

President Obama’s most recent photos discovered via the Getty Images search for “Obama G20” feature ones like the photo above, which shows Mr. Obama talking to reporters after the G20 on September 5, 2016, in Hangzhou, China. But articles being spread on Facebook via websites like lahrennews.com have gained nearly 2,000 shares with bold claims that President Obama went to Germany for the G20 to mess with President Trump. The msfanpage.link website gained nearly 2,000 shares on Facebook with the same fake news about Obama being in Germany.

It’s no wonder the fake news spreads quickly. With the website wetheproudpatriots.com gaining the top position in Google News as of this writing as a result for the search term “Obama in Germany,” those who search for “Obama in Germany” could be easily misled to a website propagating false information – a website that was only recently launched on June 8, about one month ago.

[Image by Charles Dharapak/AP Images]

From dailydosepolitics.com getting nearly 5,000 shares about the fake “Obama in Germany” news to other dubious websites claiming President Obama barged in on Trump’s spotlight in Germany at the G20, no major news organizations reported such news.

[Featured Image by Gero Breloer/AP Images]