Elderly Grandmother’s Scathing Obituary Goes Viral, Her ‘Presence Will Not Be Missed By Many’

The family of Cornelia June Rogers Miller is furious over a hate-filled and scathing obituary written about the 82-year-old great-grandmother, who passed away in February. What’s more, they still don’t know who’s behind the obituary, which has since gone viral for its vitriol.

According to the unidentified mystery author of the scathing obituary, the elderly deceased woman was a drug addict who divided her family for years. The obit further alleges that June Rogers Miller “had no hobbies,” and that she contributed next to nothing to the world around her. What’s more, her obituary indicates that she lacked in kindness, and that her life should be a “cautionary tale” to others. Not exactly a rousing endorsement of a life well lived.

“Drugs were a major love in her life as June had no hobbies, made no contribution to society and rarely shared a kind word or deed in her life. Please let June Miller’s life be a cautionary tale. Addiction and hatred are no es bueno for the living. We speak for the majority of her family when we say her presence will not be missed by many, very few tears will be shed, and there will be no lamenting over her passing.”


As Fox 13 Now reports, the deceased was a part-time resident of Murphy, North Carolina, who spent most of the year in Florida. And while her scathing obituary claims that her “presence will not not be missed by many,” at least one of her sons claims that the biting words published about his deceased mom are completely untrue. What’s more, son Robert even thinks he knows who may be behind the now-viral obituary.

According to Robert Miller, his sisters are behind the scathing obituary (originally published by local North Carolina newspaper Cherokee Scout) that has thrust his deceased mom and entire family into the public spotlight.


At least one of his sisters has denied being behind the attention-grabbing, thoroughly negative obituary, the truthfulness of which is disputed by her brother.

And now, it’s even being reported that whoever wrote it didn’t even come up with their own material. In fact, after seeing the news reports about the scathing obituary, one viewer contacted their local news station to report that the words were shockingly similar to an obituary published in 2008 to “honor” a deceased woman by the name of Dolores Aguilar.


When he heard that the obituary had apparently been plagiarized, Robert Miller expressed his disbelief (and apparent conviction that at least one of his sisters is behind the now-viral insult against his mom).

“Unbelievable. [She] doesn’t even have the integrity to write something for herself – just goes out and steals something.”

Despite Robert Miller’s clear suspicions, the identity of the person behind the obituary has not been independently verified. Additionally, while members of Cornelia June Rogers Miller’s family are clearly disputing the validity of the scathing obituary that has been published in her memory, the Cherokee Scout is still running it live on their website. The publication is, however, reportedly considering pulling the obituary.

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