Ariel Winter: Modern Family Star’s Custody Trial Set To Begin

The Ariel Winter custody trial began on Wednesday. Both the Modern Family star’s mother and older sister are locked in a bitter struggle to be named the guardian of the young actress. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, the star’s mother, Chrisoula “Crystal” Workman has been accused of attempting to release nude photos of her older daughter, Shanelle Workman Gray.

The 14-year-old television star claims that her mother both emotionally and physically abused her while she lived in the family home. The allegations raised by Ariel Winter prompted a judge to temporarily remove the teenager from the home, the Galveston Daily News reports.

A report concerning the Modern Family star from the Child Protective Services agencies reportedly found evidence of emotional abuse but determined that the evidence relating to the alleged physical abuse were inconclusive, The Hollywood Reporter notes.

Crystal Workman maintains that her adult daughter Shanelle Gray is an unfit guardian and claims that Ariel is merely a rebellious teen and should be returned to the family home. Superior Court Judge Michael Levanas will hear testimony concerning multiple factors during the Winter custody trial. The court proceedings are expected to last several days and a ruling in the custody case of the Modern Family star is not likely to be issued before the end of the year.

Judge Levanas is expected to consider Ariel Winter’s views on where she wants to live during the trial. The television star has not yet appeared in open court during the preliminary proceedings. Winter will turn 15 in January. Shanelle Workman Gray was once a cast member on The Bold and the Beautiful soap opera. She currently operates acting studios with her husband. Shanelle stated through her attorney that she suffered the same type of abuse that her sister is claiming she was subjected to, until state authorities removed her from the family home.