New Website Dedicated To Those Blocked By The President On Twitter Gets New Additions Daily

Donald Trump’s presidential Twitter habit is over the top compared to most people, and certainly any POTUS in the age of Twitter, but now the conversation about the president and Twitter is being blocked by the president and whether this is unconstitutional or if a law is being broken or if as a citizen somehow your rights are being violated if you are an American blocked from communicating with the president. While some people are considering it a badge of courage that POTUS has blocked them, others are annoyed and want some sort of recourse. But a new site called Trump BlocksMe is putting a lot of the information in one place and provides citizens with a list of those who have been blocked by the Prez.

While many people have been angered that President Trump has blocked them or anyone on Twitter, one POTUS Twitter event caused at least a moment of laughter across the world and that was the matter of covfefe whatever that means. Donald Trump is known for tweeting all hours of the day, but one evening he made a post that had people scratching their heads and saying huh?

“Despite the constant negative press covfefe.”

This was the post, and then the president seemed to check out for hours, and nobody in the White House seemed to notice but the rest of the world did and it was a serious joking matter at least until Sean Spice got a hold of things the next day and said covfefe wasn’t a joke and that those who needed to know what it meant already knew.

The former senior editor of Wired, Kevin Poulsen created an app that shows all exactly who the president has blocked and if people make use of the site Trump Blocks Me, then it can be the “definitive collection” of everyone Trump has ever blocked. Some of those who have been blocked by the president are well-known and high profile like author Stephen King and others are just your everyday citizen who seemed to have struck a sensitive spot in POTUS. Poulsen says that gathering this data has been fascinating and should interest all Americans.

“It’s fascinating that we live in a time when you might wake up in the morning and find that the Leader of the Free World has banned you from reading and commenting on what he says online. As a journalist and a geek, I hate taking things on faith, and I hate guesswork and rough estimates and anecdotal information. I love evidence and numbers.”

But whether people are amused or annoyed by being “Blocked by Trump,” Katie Fallow, a senior attorney for the Knight First Amendment Institute says that there is a bigger issue with being blocked on Twitter by the president and that is the concern that some American citizens are having their first amendment rights violated.

“The project’s important for a lot of the same reasons why we think his blocking violates first amendment. He runs his Twitter account as an official account where he communicates his policies, interacts with the public, and informs the country about important decisions—like announcing the new FBI director. Governments can’t have town halls that exclude people for being Democrats or believing in climate change. It’s a first amendment principle that the government can’t engage in viewpoint discrimination.”

The Knight Institute has called for Donald Trump to stop blocking American citizens on Twitter, but he has yet to respond.

Trump Blocks Me is a site that provides a button that people can click to confirm if they have been blocked by the president on Twitter. As of this posting, there are forty-one blocks confirmed, and this includes Danny Zuker, the executive producer of the popular sitcom Modern Family and Ben Wizner, director of the ACLU.

A network has started by some of the higher profile folks “Blocked by Trump,” and that includes author Anne Rice who posted her status on her Twitter account.

“Trump blocked me from his Twitter account. But I can tell something is going on. How many others have been blocked?”

Rice’s followers have taken screen shots and posted them for her.

But for some people on Twitter, getting “Blocked by Trump” has become a badge of honor, and the reasons that people have gotten blocked are said to range from snarky jokes to posting a GIF featuring the Pope to the suggestion that the president should spend some more time with his son Barron. All of these things have caused various Twitter users to add the tag #BlockedByTrump to tweets.


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But while many of those who have been #BlockedByTrump joke about it, when the president blocked @votevets a veterans organization, people got angry. The veterans organization provided a screen shot but posted that they will not be silenced.

“The Commander in Chief can block @VoteVets, the voice of 500k military veterans and families, but we will NOT be silenced.”

The group posted the tweets that got them blocked and they included ones that criticized the proposed Trump travel ban.

Do you think as the POTUS, Donald Trump should be prevented from blocking American citizens from his Twitter account?

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