Emily Lance: Drunk Woman Urinates On American Flag In Viral Video, Gets Rape Threats

A woman named Emily Lance has been receiving online death threats after posting a video of herself urinating on an American flag, BBC News is reporting.

In a Facebook video posted on July 4, Lance, who is clearly intoxicated, appears standing over a toilet. An American flag is draped over the bowl. Using a handheld device that helps women urinate while standing up, Lance directs her urine stream over the flag. While a Bob Seger tune plays on the radio, a male voice appears to egg her on.

The Inquisitr will not embed the video here in this article because it violates our editorial standards. However, you can watch the video, courtesy of the Facebook group Go Drunk, you are home, by clicking here. Be warned: The video contains content that may be disturbing to some viewers.

Lance captioned the video, “F**k your nationalism. F**k your country. F**k your stupid f*****g flag.”

Since posting the video, Lance — who has since deleted her Facebook account — has received threats of violence against her, including rape threats and death threats. According to Metro, someone put up a bounty of $3,000 for her head on Craigslist. However, a search of Craigslist fails to confirm that.

A drunk woman peed on the american flag.
This is the closest thing we can show you without violating our decency standards. [Image by PR Image Factory/Shutterstock]

What’s more, she says, the threats have extended beyond her and to her family, including to her parents and her father’s workplace. She didn’t specify how her father’s workplace has been targeted.

Interestingly, Lance has not apologized for drunkenly urinating on the American flag. In fact, before deleting her Facebook account, she hit back at her haters.

“What don’t you people understand? You’re celebrating freedom while damning me for doing the same. You can’t have it both ways.”

So, did Emily commit a crime by peeing on the American flag? In a word, no: Burning, stepping on, urinating on, or otherwise desecrating the American flag is not a crime, thanks to the First Amendment’s protections of the right to free speech.

A drunk woman peed on the american flag.
Burning or otherwise desecrating the American flag is not a crime. [Image by Matt Slocum/AP]

According to a June 2015 Time report, several states have passed, or attempted to pass, laws against flag desecration. However, the Supreme Court has ruled, in Texas v. Johnson, that those laws are unconstitutional.

Do you believe Emily Lance deserves violence for drunkenly urinating on the American flag? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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