Jenni Rivera Plane Crash: Psychic Builds Hopes Of Her Young Son On Twitter

Jenni Rivera is lost and presumed dead after a plane crash in Mexico, but after an exchange with a psychic that some are painting as odd and cruel her young son has raised his hopes that the singer could still be alive.

Rivera’s youngest son, Angel Lopez, posted a message of grief on Twitter on Monday night, writing: “I love u Mama. Please take care of my daddy up in heaven.” But that despair soon turned to what seemed to be misguided hope after a number of people messaged him on Twitter saying they knew his mother was still alive.

The exchanges, which were caught by the entertainment website Twitchy, showed Jenni Rivera’s son filling with hope after a so-called psychic said she knew that his mother was still alive.

Angel Lopez later wrote: “EVERYONE!!!! WE HAVE GOOD NEWS FROM A PHYSIC!!!! She is alive. Look on @Chiquis626‘s profile there should be a post there”

The message of hope from Jenni Rivera’s plane crash originated from “Psychic-Medium Gilbert Salas,” who posted on Facebook that Rivera and her makeup artist survived the crash and were stranded on the underside of the mountain. Salas claimed that Rivera was in contact with him, but that she was badly injured and would die soon if help did not reach her.


Several other users tried to warn Jenni Rivera’s son away from the psychic, but Salas later posted another message reiterating his earlier claim.

Lopez responded positively.

More info everyone!!! #savejenni thanks Gilbert!!

Jenni Rivera’s plane is believed to have crashed “straight down” 28,000 feet into the side of a mountain. An expert consulted by ABC News said it was likely equipment failure that caused the plane crash.