Meet Chewy, The Three-Month-Old Chihuahua Puppy Abandoned In An Airport Bathroom With A Heartbreaking Note

Domestic violence doesn’t only affect humans, a fact that was made clear over the weekend at a Las Vegas airport.

People magazine reported that a three-month-old Chihuahua puppy was abandoned in the bathroom at a Las Vegas airport, along with a heartbreaking note explaining the reason why the little puppy had been left behind.

The handwritten note explained that Chewy had been abandoned by his female owner who was at the airport fleeing domestic abuse. Explaining that the owner “couldn’t afford me to get on the flight,” the note – partly written from the puppy’s point of view – says that the dog’s name is Chewy and that he was a much-loved pet.

In a heartbreaking development, the note goes on to say that he owner’s ex-boyfriend kicked the dog in the head during an argument, and that the puppy has a “big knot on his head” and “probably needs a vet.”

Chewy the puppy was found by an undisclosed traveler and was taken to a nearby pet shelter, Connor & Millie’s Dog Rescue.

The pet shelter has been providing regular updates on their Facebook, and have advised that – despite the original owner’s concerns – Chewy the puppy is in good health and seems to have not been injured from being kicked, as described in the note.

A spokesperson from the pet shelter said that Chewy’s situation “really got” to her, and that she could tell from the note that the woman “was in dire stress.”


Chewy’s life will most likely have a happy ending, as many residents have offered to adopt the now-famous puppy. In fact, the shelter has put a hold on any further applications to adopt the Chihuahua puppy, and are encouraging interested people to consider adopting a different dog instead.

But while Chewy will come out of this ordeal relatively unscathed, the same cannot be said for many other pets who are affected by domestic abuse. Most shelters for abuse victims do not accept pets, leaving people who are brave enough to leave an abusive relationship also tasked with finding a new home for their pets.

Animal groups are beginning to realize the gravity of the situation and the affect it can have on pets and their devastated owners alike. Noah’s Animal Rescue has established itself within the grounds of a women and children’s shelter in Nevada, giving pet owners a place to board their pets while they take shelter from an abusive relationship.

It is hoped that Chewy’s story will bring more awareness to the issue, giving victims of abuse options and places to turn when they need to escape a toxic relationship but are concerned about their pets.

[Featured Image by Ysign/Shutterstock]