Bill Goldberg’s Newest Passion May Permanently End His Wrestling Career

At Wrestlemania 33, Goldberg lost the WWE Universal Championship to Brock Lesnar. Their match wasn’t anything great, but it was a more fitting ending to the former’s WWE career than the way he left things after Wrestlemania 20. The expectation is Goldberg vs. Lesnar in Orlando will serve as his retirement match, but there is still a lot of speculation for Goldberg to have more matches on WWE television in the near future.

Bill Goldberg could still have huge feuds and matches with WWE Superstars like Roman Reigns and Braun Strowman. The door is still open for those rivalries or other matchups to happen someday, but Goldberg has other interests and passions outside of WWE. During a recent interview with “The Dirty Sheets” podcast, he revealed that he is pursuing another one of his biggest passions that could mean the end of his WWE career.

The former WWE Universal Champion has always had an affinity for racing cars. But since his last run with WWE came to an end, he’s been focused on becoming a driver and racing for a living. He had competed in a few races in recent years, but he was clear that his biggest passion right now was racing and not wrestling.

Goldbergs Newest Passion Could Bring the End of His Wrestling Career
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As of this writing, Bill Goldberg is not under an active performer contract with WWE. The only contract he’s signed to right now is a merchandising deal. Goldberg is said to be on great terms with the company, so the two parties will likely work together again going forward. It’s only a matter of time until he receives a WWE Hall of Fame induction. However, the future WWE Hall of Famer is free to follow any other passions he has.

Goldbergs Run in WWE Could Be Extended Through Wrestlemania 32
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It’s also important to note that Goldberg is fifty years old. He took a twelve-year break from wrestling before returning to the ring last year. At this point in his life, keeping in shape to be an active performer for WWE is an incredible challenge, and he may be better off ending his wrestling career on the grandest stage of them all with no regrets. After all, the main reason for his WWE return was to share it with his family and his son.

You can never say never in this business, especially since so many fans said never when it came to Goldberg receiving one more chance in WWE. Goldberg is a man of many passions and is capable of pursuing a career in racing or any other avenue he chooses to spend his time. He’s established himself as a pivotal member of the WWE family over the past year, but something like racing could permanently end his wrestling career.

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