‘My 600-lb Life’ Penny Update: Penny Teases Skin Surgery, Further Weight Loss As Edgar’s GoFundMe Drive Bombs

Penny Poarch Saeger is one of the most controversial patients ever featured in TLC’s My 600-lb Life, and for a good reason too. During her featured episodes, Penny’s actions and reactions to her treatment were so unbelievable that viewers and avid fans of the hit reality TV show accused her of being stubborn, manipulating, and downright delusional. Even Dr. Now’s methods, which have been proven time and time again, fell short when faced with Penny’s unshakable attitude.

By the time her Where Are They Now episode ended, Penny looked like she did not lose any weight at all, though she insisted that she felt a lot better than before, according to a transcript of her episode that was uploaded on Reddit. Refusing even to step on a weighing scale because it “does not matter,” Penny’s condition after her featured episodes disturbed a lot of viewers, as it appeared like she was well on her way towards a life that is practically hopeless.

Penny’s lack of improvement even after gastric bypass surgery was so notable that Dr. Now told cameras that as long as Penny does not abandon her delusions, there was very little he, or any professional for that matter, could do. The My 600-lb Life surgeon, however, also said that if Penny were willing to change, she could always go back and get treatment. Penny, however, opted to leave Texas in order to do things her way.

“I’m going to keep doing it as I want, at my own pace.”

Since then, Penny has stayed under the radar. Her social media handles are set to private, such as her Twitter account. Her Facebook account is updated infrequently as well. Thus, it is quite difficult to get any updates on her recovery (if there are any) since she was featured on My 600-lb Life.

Over the course of the past couple of years, however, Penny has mentioned a number of interesting updates on her official Facebook account, especially with regard to her weight-loss progress. Responding to some of her friends who were commenting on a photo she uploaded, Penny stated that she is almost ready for skin surgery.

“It is time for skin surgeries. I am dwindling away, yeah!”

Looking at the photo Penny uploaded then, it does appear that she has lost some weight since being featured on the hit reality TV show. According to Penny, however, her face was even somewhat bloated in the photo, since she took steroids beforehand.

“I like this picture. It is from Thanksgiving. It made me mad. I had been on a few rounds of steroids, and my face is a little rounder than it actually is now.”

Apart from this, the My 600-lb Life star also clarified her relationship with Dr. Now. Responding to a follower who asked if she was still seeing the bariatric surgeon, Penny stated that her treatment was handled by a different doctor altogether.

“He only seen (sic) me on filming and did the surgery. I was handled entirely by an off-screen doctor and treated by him, and I left them and Texas over two years ago.”

One thing of notice, however, was the fact that these exchanges, which happened at the end of 2015, were the last conversations Penny had in her Facebook account that discussed her weight. Since then, all her posts and updates had been focused on Liam, her son, and his school activities. The last photo she uploaded was posted last January 17, and her Facebook account has been dormant since then.

Interestingly, however, her husband, Edgar Saeger, started a GoFundMe campaign just days after Penny’s final Facebook update. The GoFundMe campaign, however, was absent of any details, and only showed a rather small goal of $200.

Despite this, Edgar’s drive was met with criticism from users of the crowdfunding platform, with commenters stating that both Penny and Ed should just get jobs instead of asking for money. So far, Edgar’s GoFundMe campaign has been largely unsuccessful, with a paltry $5 being raised over the past few months.

Penny’s current condition remains unknown, and her low social media presence does not really give many clues about what she’s up to. While the My 600-lb Life star’s health and weight-loss progress could not be verified, her last updates in Facebook do seem to suggest that she is, at least, doing relatively well.

[Featured Image by TLC]