Maria Menounos Says She Hid Brain Tumor From Her Parents Until The Surgery

Maria Menounos is thankfully recovering from her brain tumor after doctors removed an estimated 99.9% of it. However, the star recently revealed that she kept the mass a secret from her parents until three days before her surgery.

According to Maria Menounos, she hid the secret partially because her mother is also suffering from a brain tumor and she didn’t want to upset her further with the devastating news.

The E! News host has been taking care of her mother, who has stage 4 brain cancer, which is partially what made her stay quiet about the surgery.

The star has stepped down from her hosting gig in the wake of her health issues, and to spend more time with her mother.

Maria Menounos first started noticing signs that something was wrong back in February, and after seeing the disease progress in her mother, she was quick to spot it.

She told People magazine that she noticed she was having difficulty reading the teleprompter at work. She also began to realize that her speech had gotten slurred and she was often getting light headed and having severe headaches.

The E! News star went to the doctor and had an MRI done, which confirmed that there was a golf-ball sized tumor pressing down on her facial nerves.

Maria says that she actually laughed when she found out she had a brain tumor, saying it was totally ironic that her mother had one, and so did she.

Although doctors have removed most of the tumor, there is still a slight chance that it could return, so she will have to continue monitoring herself for future symptoms.

Right now, Maria is spending time with her mother and is at home recovering. Her mother’s cancer, although very serious, is stable at the moment, so the family definitely has more than one thing to celebrate right now.

Maria spent three years with E! News and they have made a public statement thanking her for the work she has done on the television show.

She has not stated what she plans to do once she has finished her recovery, but for now, she deserves a very long break.

[Featured Image by Frederick M. Brown/Stringer/Getty Images]