Was Tupac Shakur Aware Of Imminent Death? ‘All Eyez On Me’ Movie Star’s Letter To Madonna Is Shocking

After 21 years of his death, Tupac Shakur’s fans came to know why the rapper had split with Madonna. In a prison letter, Shakur explained in detail about the reason. However, in the same letter, the All Eyez On Me movie star also talked about being shot by “envious” people.

In the shocking letter written in January 1995, Tupac Shakur warned Madonna about the people around her. He asked her to be careful, as people do not seem what they are.

“Everyone is not as honorable as they seem.”

The letter reveals that Shakur considered any information about Jacques Agnant, aka “Haitian Jack,” critical. Shakur asked Madonna in the letter if she had any information about “Jack & crew.”

Jack was accused of being responsible for the 1994 Quad Studios robbery and shooting in New York. Shakur survived the assault that had him shot five times.

According to the Daily Mail Online, Shakur left an “ominous message” in this letter. Tupac Shakur told Madonna in the revealing letter that there were people whose heart bled with “envy and evil.” He warned the diva about such people who would not hesitate to do any harm to her. And, then he talked about being shot.

“Let my 5 bullets be proof of that!”

It seemed like a desperate plea from the rapper, as he asked Madonna to share any information that she might have regarding Jack and crew. According to the singer, such a piece of information “could very well be a matter of Life & Death,” the letter exclusively obtained by TMZ revealed.

Was Tupac Shakur aware of imminent death?
Was Tupac Shakur aware of imminent death? [Image by Robert Kalfus/AP Images]

In the letter, Tupac Shakur also talked about being heartbroken about Madonna’s statement in one of her interviews. He referred to the statement where the pop-star said that she would “rehabilitate all the rappers and basketball players.” Shakur wrote that he had never known Madonna to be with any other rapper than himself.

Tupac Shakur’s letter reveals why the rapper broke up with Madonna.
Tupac Shakur’s letter reveals why the rapper broke up with Madonna. [Image by JM Enternational/AP Images]

According to him, the harsh words he used for Madonna at that time was to get back at her out of hurt. Tupac Shakur seemed quite apologetic to Madonna in the letter. He apologized for not being the kind of a friend that he was capable of being.

The letter will go for auction from July 19 to 28. The starting bid is at $100,000. The letter is, however, expected to be sold at a much higher price.

[Featured Image by Bebeto Matthews/AP Images]