July 8, 2016
Uncontrollably Fond Captures The Hearts Of Dog Lovers

Uncontrollably Fond has a rising star, and it's not Kim Woo-bin or Bae Suzy. The newbie to grab the attention of K-drama lovers is Pororo, the white and grey sheep dog who makes a dramatic entry.

Videos of the adorable mutt are trending on Twitter.

The first episode of Uncontrollably Fond dedicated more than a minute to this magnificent fluffy creature. Kim Woo-bin's rockstar character Shin Joon-young in Uncontrollably Fond is emotionally attached to his pet dog.

In the opening episode, Shin Joon-young gets to hear from his doctor that he is suffering from a terminal illness for which there is no cure. Knowing that his days are numbered, Shin Joon-young has a heart-to-heart conversation with his pet.

The actor shares his woes with his handsome dog and warns his pet to get used to regular human food, as opposed to the expensive dog food that he is being fed everyday.

Shin Joon-young tells his dog that, while his manager Gook-young will take care of him when he is gone, Gook will not spend a huge sum of money on dog food. Shin Joon-young also tells his dog that he must get used to eating leftovers.

In an effort to train his dog to eat regular, "human" food, Shin Joon-young makes ramen noodles for his dog, but the fluffy creature ignores him and leaves the room in a huff.

By including an adorable pet in the drama, Uncontrollably Fond seems to be wooing both dog lovers and K-drama enthusiasts across the world.

Uncontrollably Fond first aired on July 6, and the viewership ratings were pretty high for the first episode. However, the recent reports provided by TNS Media Korea and Nielsen Korea indicate that the ratings have dropped in the second episode.

For the first episode of Uncontrollably Fond, the Seoul National Capital Area received 12.7 percent in viewership, while the nation received 11.5 percent. The second episode saw a major drop in ratings; Seoul National Capital Area received 9.4 percent, while the nation received 9.3 percent.

However, it is too early to judge whether Uncontrollably Fond will turn out to be a success or failure. Considering the spectacular cast, fans are hoping that the drama picks up steam as it progresses.

Uncontrollably Fond also faces fierce competition from another Korean drama W, which is scheduled to air during the same time on MBC. This poses a challenge for K-drama fans, who have to choose between the two. However, it is a given that those who miss these dramas on television can always watch it online.

At a recent press conference for Uncontrollably Fond, Kim Woo Bin spoke about competing with Lee Jong Suk, who stars in W.

"Even this morning, I texted Lee Jong Suk that I was coming to a press conference and that I was nervous. [Lee Jong Suk] was hard at work on set. Jong Suk says everyone on the W set is all about Uncontrollably Fond. It's an honor to compete with a friend, and it's not everyday that this happens, so we're supporting each other," Kim Woo-bin said, as per a report by Soompi.

Kim Woo-bin said that he gets support from both Shin Min Ah, his girlfriend, and Korean actor Lee Min Ho.

"Every time a teaser came out, Shin Min-ah would give me support. She's very much looking forward to the drama. I'm also close with Lee Min Ho, and he contacts me to cheer me on as well," said Kim Woo-bin.

Uncontrollably Fond airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9:55 p.m. KST on KBS. The show will air simultaneously in China, North America, and South America.

Fans of Uncontrollably Fond hope that the drama will be as exciting as Descendants of the Sun, starring Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo.

[Photo by Frank Franklin / AP Images]