‘The Flash’ Season 4 Episode 1 Title Revealed But Immediately Deleted On Twitter, Hints ‘Rebirth’ Arc

The highly-anticipated CW series The Flash looks ready to showcase a thrilling script from the comic books for its upcoming fourth installment.

Earlier this week, The Flash Office took to Twitter and confirmed that the staff and crew of the superhero TV show are resuming production this week for Season 4.

The account tweeted a photo with a caption, “Ready for our first day of filming Season 4! We get started tomorrow, and it’s gonna be epic!”

However, what caught the attention of many was the name of The Flash Episode 4×01, which was revealed to be “The Flash Reborn.” Many fans were quick to speculate that the post accidentally revealed the actual title of Season 4’s pilot episode.

Interestingly, the post has since been deleted from the Twitter account, adding to the speculation that it might be the real premiere title and producers of the show don’t want to spoil it any further.

With a possible title already teased, fans anticipate what could be the new twist in The Flash Season 4. There were claims that the fourth installment of the hit TV series will possibly witness a take on Geoff John’s six-issue “Rebirth” arc, which will focus on Barry’s comeback following an absence.

In addition, reports also revealed that The Flash Season 4 Episode 1 is set for an eight-day shoot, which was considered to be a standard number for similar TV shows.


Reports also claimed that the pilot episode will feature a six-month timeline jump into the future in order to keep it consistent with the amount of time that has passed since the Flash Season 6 finale.

In an interview with Candice Patton, the actress confirmed that the series is going to have a timeline jump.

“[The Oct. 10 premiere] takes place six months in the future, and we still don’t have Barry out of the Speed Force. Iris is really struggling to deal with that, and she does it in her own way.”


To recall, the previous season’s finale of The Flash showed a massive storm that hit Central City. The Speed Force, looking to be Barry’s mom (Michelle Harrison), made a surprising appearance on Team Flash and asked Barry to join her.

No one from his squad wanted him to leave, however, he explained that it’ll be his punishment for creating the mess. He eventually joined his mom and entrusted Cental City to his team.

Meanwhile, fans of The Flash can get a glimpse of the highly-anticipated CW series as they are set to attend the San Diego Comic-Con during the third week of July. Fans can expect to see teasers from the upcoming season and hear exciting announcements from the cast and showrunners of the show.

The Flash Season 4 is slated to debut on October 10 at 8 p.m. ET on The CW.

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