Pippa Middleton Goes From Honeymoon To More Weddings, Will Wimbledon Be Next With Husband James Matthews?

Pippa Middleton is having one heck of a summer. Not only did she get married to James Matthews, but she also went on a honeymoon of a lifetime. Now that she is back from her extended travels, she is attending even more weddings with her husband. Talk about a summer of love!

Their honeymoon reportedly lasted more than two weeks, covering French Polynesia, Australia, New Zealand, and Tahiti. Mixing in the tropical islands with wintry southern hemisphere countries probably meant that James and Pippa got to experience the best parts of summer and winter during their honeymoon. Looks like island hopping was the ideal way to maximize the time they had!

They also realized that their fun does not have to end now that they are back in the UK. Since getting back from the honeymoon of their dreams, they have attended at least two weddings. By not shying away from paparazzi cameras, they certainly made their presences known.

The first wedding on their list was of their friend Jöns Bartholdson, who married Anna Ridderstad, in Stockholm, Sweden. Pippa opted for a black-and-white dress that showed off her slender figure. Then, a few days later, they flew to Ireland to celebrate the ceremony of Camilla Campion Awwad. Fitting to the place, the 33-year-old British socialite wore a green ensemble.


Considering that summer is a popular time to get married, it does make sense that Pippa and James Matthews are making their rounds as their friends also commit to each other in heartfelt ceremonies.

The next big public event that the sister of Kate Middleton and James Matthews may attend is Wimbledon. Pippa has always been a big fan of tennis, often going to matches with her brother James Matthews when she was not seeing anyone in particular. In fact, all high-class Brits like to spend a good part of their summer near the grass court, enjoying world-class tennis, but also getting seen by their powerful and influential friends.

Last year, James Matthews made the effort to be with Pippa at Wimbledon. While he is not often seen at tennis games, he showed that he took time to get to know the sport that his future wife was so fond of.

That certainly paid off when Roger Federer turned up to their wedding this May.


Do you think Pippa and James will return the favor by cheering for the Swiss at Rod Laver Arena this year? Let us know in the comments below!

[Featured Image by Star Max/AP Images]