‘BB19’ Spoilers: Kevin Schlehuber And Paul Abrahamian Get Cozy

Big Brother fans have been watching the drama in the house unfold. The cast has been intense from the very beginning, which isn’t typical. The first HOH (Head of Household) has proven to be one for the books, leaving Cody to have to nominate five people. While everyone is busy focusing on the eviction coming up, Kevin Schlehuber and Paul Abrahamian are busy plotting. Could they make it all the way to the final two?

Last week, Kevin Schlehuber confided in Paul Abrahamian about the money he won. Taking the $25,000 unleashed the Big Brother veteran back into the game, giving him the chance to win more money this year. Abrahamian came in second place last season, and he knows the game inside and out. With that knowledge, the two have begun working things out between them. According to a tweet from Joker’s Updates, Paul Abrahamian is coaching Kevin Schlehuber for the upcoming HOH competition. He believes that his new buddy has a shot at winning if he can keep his head in the game. Viewers already know Paul is safe from the next three evictions (two more after Thursday night), and he is concerned about Kevin’s safety and the future of their gameplay.

Several of the other Big Brother plays have been gunning for Paul Abrahamian. The fact that he won the power of protection for three weeks in a row was a blessing for the BB19 player. Immediately, a target was placed on his back, and his decision to get to know Kevin Schlehuber may have been a smart move. The two seem to be harmless enough and with the big group focused on who is being shady with whom, Kevin and Paul can fly under the radar.

Thursday night’s eviction is going to set the tone going forward. Right now, it is unclear who is going to be leaving the Big Brother house as everyone is changing their mind by the hour. Paul Abrahamian is trying to rally Kevin Schlehuber to keep Christmas and send Jillian packing. This looks like how things are going to play out, and if they do, the houseguests in power are going to go insane. Paul is a smart Big Brother player, and if Kevin is smart, he will heed the advice given to him.

[Featured Image by Paul Abrahamian/Twitter]