UFO News: Remarkable Double Sighting In Graz, Austria Attracts Interest Among Believers And Skeptics Alike

A recent UFO sighting in Graz, Austria on June 30 has managed to beguile UFO enthusiasts after the mysterious crafts were captured on video by two separate witnesses in the area. The movements of the strange objects, as well as the way they interacted with each other, has triggered a wave of speculation from the UFO community, with skeptics and believers weighing in on what the mysterious machines could be.

The strange lights were captured on film by two witnesses from different locations in Graz and uploaded to YouTube by the UFO Institute. The clips, shot during early twilight on June 30, depicted two mysterious objects with dual lights seemingly performing maneuvers above the city. The objects were recorded for minutes, traveling in the skies and seemingly interacting with each other.

Considering the behavior of the two objects, numerous UFO enthusiasts have stated that it was unlikely for the machines to be manned. In the YouTube comments section of the uploaded video alone, some UFO believers said that they saw similar lights in their area. One of the commenters, a resident of the United States, stated that identical lights were sighted around the Tennessee Mountains on June 28, two days before the Graz sightings.

In Reddit’s official UFO subreddit, some users have also noticed that the Graz sightings were extremely similar to MUFON case number 75777, which was dated October 2, 2015. Also, a similar sighting in Graz, taken in the same area, was also reported back in 2015.

While the strange crafts and their behavior were indeed unusual, UFO skeptics who viewed the video stated that the lights were likely man-made. Others have said that the lights spotted by the witnesses were acrobatic aircraft from the Blanix Team, which usually holds their performances above the Graz airport.

Others have suggested that the lights might be from petrol-powered drones. According to those who have suggested this explanation, some frames in the June 30 sighting seemed to depict fumes coming out of the machines, which would indicate that they were burning fuel. Some have also stated that while the strange crafts might not be drones, they could be ultralights instead since ultralights are flying machines that are also equipped with engines.

Nevertheless, the sheer complexity of the UFOs’ maneuvers has managed to amaze both believers and skeptics alike. Very few manned aircraft, after all, could pull off the maneuvers of the mysterious crafts that were sighted above Graz on June 30.

Apart from this, when airplanes perform stunts that closely resemble the behavior of the strange objects in the recent sighting, it is usually in front of hundreds of people at an event that is well-known to residents in the area, not during twilight with no announcement to the public.


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