‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: The Battle Over The Votes Turns Ugly, Who Is Going Home This Week?

Big Brother 19 spoilers tease there’s some debate about who will be evicted on Thursday among the houseguests. Cody Nickson, who is the current head of household, believes that Christmas Abbott will be going home. However, Paul Abrahamian seems convinced that Jillian Parker will leave.

Big Brother 19 fans got a scare when Christmas hurt her foot and had to be rushed to the hospital. Cody considered whom he would put on the block if Big Brother pulled her from the game. However, Christmas returned several hours later with a cast and on crutches.

According to Big Brother Network, Cody counted the votes that he believes he has to evict Christmas. Apparently, he thinks he has six voted locked in, giving him the ultimate power on who leaves this week.

The truth is, he may not have as many votes as he believes. Big Brother 19 spoilers state that Jessica Graf, Alex Ow, Jason Dent, and Ramses Soto will vote to evict Christmas. Dominque Cooper, Elena Davies, Mark Jansen, Matt Clines, and Raven Walton will vote out Jillian. Josh Martinez and Kevin Schlehuber have not decided whom they are keeping.

Big Brother 19 spoilers reveal that Kevin has promised both sides to vote with them, so it’s hard to guess what he will do. Sometimes it appears he is going to vote Jillian out and other times it sounds like he’s evicting Christmas. His vote will likely be a mystery until he casts his vote on Thursday evening.


Alex and Jason both feel that they should stay loyal to Cody and vote Christmas out. Jason explained that Cody saved him from going on the block when the rest of the house suggested him as a renomination choice. Big Brother 19 spoilers state that Alex agreed with him and suggested that Cody threw her the power of veto so she could save herself.

At this point, no one knows who will walk out the Big Brother 19 house on eviction night. With six votes to evict Jillian, four votes to evict Christmas, and two undecideds — it could go either way.


Paul and Jessica have played an aggressive game this week. Jessica has told everyone that she wants Christmas to walk out the front door on eviction night. Paul has done the same only against Jillian. It looks like a war could be brewing between Jessica and Cody and Christmas and Paul. Who do you think will go home on Thursday? Share your opinion in the comments sections below.

Big Brother 19 airs Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday on CBS.

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