Chris Christie Goes Viral In Beach Chair -- Photoshopped Galore On Social Media

Roz Zurko

By now you've heard that Governor Chris Christie was captured in pictures with his family and friends enjoying a New Jersey state beach despite it being closed to the public. Christie himself opted to close the state parks and beaches after he and the state legislators couldn't come to an agreement on the state's budget. This means that the public is banned from using the beaches run by the state this Fourth of July holiday weekend, but apparently, this ban didn't include Christie, his friends, and his family members, which has caused a firestorm not only in New Jersey but across the social media sites.

Christie was captured in pictures by a photographer going over a state beach in a plane. He snapped quite a few pictures of Christie lounging in shorts, t-shirt, sandals, and a baseball cap, perched on a beach chair on the sand. The creative folks on social media had a field day with Photoshop, putting Christie in his faithful beach chair in places all over the country. Some of these pictures are hysterical and show Christie enjoying the day at new heights, plunked into movie scenes, and perched in the Oval Office, along with many more locations. You can see them at the end of the article along with a video slideshow of the original pictures taken of Christie on the closed beach with his family and friends Sunday.

The photographer's pictures showed a group of about a dozen people in a loosely defined circle on the sands of the state beach and there wasn't a soul as far as the eye can see. Usually, on the weekends this beach is saturated with sun worshipers and water lovers, but Christie and his clan had it all to themselves because of the public ban. In his defense, he was staying at one of the two New Jersey governor's mansions and this one is right there on the shore. So basically Christie and his family stepped out their back door and sat on the beach.

Still, the image of a vacant beach, all except for a chosen few on the Fourth of July weekend, didn't sit well with people. If the public was banned from using the beach, the consensus via the social media sites was that the governor shouldn't have been allowed to use it either. If a citizen of New Jersey did drive to this beach, they were met with closed gates and told to turn around because the beach is closed.

Below a very creative Twitter user put Christie on the beach in his chair smack dab in a famous scene from the movie, "From Here To Eternity," which is seen below. As you can see, they have Christie looking the other way while sitting in the surf so he doesn't look as if he is a peeping Tom.

Who can forget the pork store from the HBO series, The Sopranos? In the bottom right picture Christie is sitting in front of the store on his beach chair and, wait.... is that Paulie sitting next to him with his wing-tipped hairdo? The Sopranos series was set in New Jersey, so why wouldn't the Governor pull up in his beach chair and check out the sights?