‘Game Of Thrones’ S8 Feature-Length Shows Considered, S7 Finale Over 80 Minutes, ‘Ghosts Of Westeros’ Gather

Game of Thrones Season 7 will premiere this month, and there’s some news regarding the runtimes for Season 8’s episodes. At the Con of Thrones event in Nashville, the first-ever Game of Thrones convention, news regarding the two seasons was revealed by the show’s sound designer, Paula Fairfield. Producer David Chen tweeted the announcement.

That said, you’ll probably want to bring some extra snacks and popcorn, as these shows will be more feature-film length in nature, according to Movie Fone.

Season 7 will arrive on July 16. The season is comprised of seven one-hour episodes, with the finale coming in at a whopping 82 minutes. This would be not unlike Sherlock and Black Mirror, according to Deadline Hollywood. Movie Fone also thinks that Game of Thrones Season 8 will follow suit, and Paula made it clear that each episode of the six-episode season could be feature-length.

Doing the math for Season 8, this would make for more content minute-wise overall. This also would result in that season pushing ahead of previous episodes with a total of around eight hours of additional content, according to Latino Review.

Game Of Thrones Season 7
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Game of Thrones Season 8 hasn’t yet started filming, and it is still unclear whether it’ll air in 2018 or 2019. Entertainment Weekly spoke to the showrunner on the particulars regarding its release date.

“We honestly don’t know yet. There’s been a lot of back and forth about air dates. That’s a long way off from being settled.”

Chen is excited for the show’s final series of episodes, and hardcore fans should be just as excited about receiving a ton of content.


Several Game of Thrones actors were present at the Con of Thrones panel titled the “Ghosts of Westeros.” In it, there was a gathering of actors whose characters had been killed off. They spoke about their experiences regarding their death scenes. Miltos Yerolemou, who played Syrio Forel, the agile foreign swordsman who trained Arya Stark, gave his take on the character’s death. Syrio was quite bold and cocky as he took on the king’s guards in his final moments.

He was questioned at the panel if his character would return and may not even be considered a ghost after all. He decided not to answer, according to Deadline Hollywood.

Are you looking forward to the final days of Game of Thrones? How do you see this war ending?

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