Booker T On New Day Referencing ‘We Comin’ For You’ Promo: ‘I Don’t Appreciate It’

Last Tuesday, many wrestling fans, especially older ones who were watching in the ’90s, may have had a good chuckle over The New Day’s callback to an infamous 1997 promo from Booker T. But if you ask him, the “we’re comin’ for you” promo where he accidentally dropped the N-word on Hulk Hogan isn’t something to be made fun of, especially since the faux pas has, in his words, haunted him for years.

On this week’s edition of the podcast Heated Conversations with Booker T, the WWE Hall of Fame wrestler-turned-Monday Night RAW commentator discussed last week’s controversial incident from RAW, where high school basketball superstar LaMelo Ball got carried away and used the N-word on television. With WWE receiving major backlash over the uncalled-for use of a racial slur on a live TV show, The New Day cut a promo on current rivals The Usos the following night on SmackDown Live, poking fun at Ball’s blooper while also referencing Booker T’s “we comin’ for you” promo.

As the Inquisitr reported last week, this parody took the form of New Day member Big E saying almost the very same words Booker T uttered in 1997 on an episode of WCW Monday Nitro, right down to the words “we comin’ for you.” Right on cue, Xavier Woods would interrupt Big E, reminding him that he was supposed to say the name of The Usos, and not the N-word that Booker said on Nitro.

According to Booker T, The New Day’s parody of his infamous 20-year-old promo where he dropped the N-word on WCW ‘Nitro’ was not funny. [Image by WWE]

While fans had mostly found the Booker T “we comin’ for you” reference to be funny, Booker was less than amused by the stunt, as he admitted on Heated Conversations. In quotes from the podcast published by, he made it clear that he “doesn’t appreciate” how The New Day lampooned LaMelo Ball’s use of the N-word by bringing up his own similar incident from years ago.

“We as a people, we gotta know when it’s time to speak up and when it’s time to shut up. My mother taught me that a long time ago. If you don’t know, it’ll come back and haunt you. (The botched promo from WCW Nitro) has haunted me for this many years.”

Booker added that he wishes he could turn back time and undo the mistake he made on national television, adding that he hopes WWE wouldn’t approve any similar promo in the future. He said that he isn’t sure whether WWE asked The New Day to cut the Booker T “we comin’ for you” parody promo or not, as it’s entirely possible that the faction improvised on the spot like they often have in the past.

“I don’t think that we as a company need to go that route. I think that parody should not have ever been shown on television because it wasn’t a great moment for us as black people. For us as black people, it was one of our worst moments.”

Regarding LaMelo Ball, a 15-year-old African-American teenager who’s earned notoriety for his prowess on the basketball court, Booker T said that he doesn’t blame him for his blooper on Monday Night RAW; just like in Booker’s case, it was “something that slipped out.” But since Booker T was an adult at the time of the “we comin’ for you” promo on Nitro, he again expressed regret over what had gone down two decades ago, as he feels he had let his fellow African Americans down.

“I want them to know that it was my worst day that I could have ever had being a black man and letting so many of our people down by calling us that word or saying that word in any realm [or] any form was definitely not right by any means.”

Booker T, however, did not make any reference to another controversial incident involving the N-word, where, in a scripted angle about 10 years ago, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon casually told John Cena to “keep it up, my n—-,” albeit while within Booker’s earshot, as CBS Los Angeles recalled.

Wrestling fans, were you amused by The New Day’s parody of the Booker T “we comin’ for you” promo from last week, or do you agree with Booker and feel that it was uncalled for?

[Featured Image by WWE]

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