Oregon Mall Shooting Leaves at Least Three Dead

r gunfire rang out among holiday shoppers, according to Yahoo and Portland Tribune.

Life Flight delivered one or more of the wounded to Legacy Emanuel Medical Center for emergency medical attention.

Lt. James Rhodes of the Clackamas County sheriff says he is still trying to gather more details on the attack at the Clackamas Town Center.

On the record, Lt. Rhodes says he is positive that the shooter has been neutralized, but unsure whether or not said gunman is dead. At 4:45 p.m, the shooter’s body and weapon were found in the shopping center. All we know about the weapon was that it was a semi-automatic rifle.

Authorities began checking every store in the area to secure the scene, though Lt. Rhodes claims there is no proof of more than one assailant involved in the attack.

Reporters were told that the gunman was seen entering the mall via a side door by Macy’s wearing black clothes and a hockey mask. Earlier at 3:27 p.m., deputies arrived to handle the situation, closing the mall down and searching for other gunmen, of which none have been determined.

A stylist at Tony and Guy Hair Salon, Michael Heard said cell phones were unable to receive service at the time. Though police blocked the exits after the attack, Heard said his coworkers were able to get in and out twice to shut down the salon. He said:

“It was kind of a panic situation. There was a big crowd running out.”

Updates on the Oregon mall shooting will be added as information is released by Clackamas law enforcement sources.