Population Of Asgardia Skyrockets To 250,000

If all goes well, earthlings will soon have dual citizenships: One for Earth and the other for a new satellite on space called Asgardia. The citizenship to Asgardia was announced last October, and the space community has been pretty excited about the possibility of leaving Earth and starting a new life on space.

Asgardia, on its website, announced that it reached yet another milestone. As of July 3, over 250,000 people have registered to become a part of Asgardia, its mission, and its future. More than 55,000 have become citizens by accepting the Constitution, and almost 7,000 people have uploaded their files to the Asgardia-1 satellite, and 4,242 are participating in the leadership elections.

With almost 250,000 people registered for Asgardia, the nation-state's population has now jumped to 183rd among the countries of the world. Asgardia's population has recently surpassed that of Mayotte, Samoa, and Saint Lucia.

The leading countries of origin, according to Asgardia, are Turkey, China, the United States, Brazil, and Italy, resepctively.

Almost 60,000 people have already ratified the Constitution, which allows them to proceed to uploading a file to Asgardia-1 and sending it to space, where it will stay forever.

The Asgardia-1 satellite has been safely delivered to Nanoracks, a Webster, Texas-based provider of commercial hardware and services for the U.S. National Laboratory onboard the International Space Station. It is currently securely stored under five locks in a facility with surveillance and a monitored alarm system, the organization stated in its press release.

NASA-mandated tests have been successfully conducted to ensure the satellite's safety. Asgardia's batteries and power systems were tested; it passed a vibration test, which simulates vibration during launch. It also passed the vacuum chamber test, which ensures that the satellite survives in the vacuum of space.
Nanoracks sent a line of code to the satellite, to which Asgardia-1 responded, "Hello, world!"

Asgardia's founding father, Dr. Igor Ashurbeyli, has made it clear that the newfangled nation will not take the legalities we are bound to on Earth to Asgardia. However, Asgardia, as a free nation, will be recognized by the U.N. None of the conflicts on Earth — be it political or religious — will be transferred to space. New space laws will be formulated to protect the interest of earthlings, he said.

[Featured Image by Photobank/Fotolia/AP Images]